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Our Home

Sunday, April 25, 2010

No More Apartment

The camper is beginning to look a bit less cluttered inside. This is the first weekend we have been able to spend entirely in the camper. For the last three weeks we have been moving things from the apartment to the camper or to someone else’s house or to the dumpster. Finally we had everything moved and we turned in the keys to the apartment yesterday and we will no longer go there after work. It will be nice to get home at a decent hour during the week. I am looking forward to getting to know our neighbors better. Dick, next door, commented Friday night he had not seen us for a while. I told him we still had to work. He said that is a nasty four letter word, I agree it is nasty but for the next four months that will be our routine.
I downloaded our first book into the Nook, Sarah wanted a Danielle Steel book so I bought one, it was $6 and some change, but she started reading it and seems to like the Nook. We told Robert we bought a Nook and informed us that Madyson, she is two, has one also. He was referring to her pacifiers. Someday an electronic reader is what they will use in school; it will have all their text books on them. I don’t believe books as we know them today will totally disappear but they will not be as prevalent as they are today.
Not much going on today, I have the radio playing and Sarah is going through a big box of pictures to decide what we want to scan what we will try to pawn off on the kids.
I backed up my laptop to the new hard drive I bought the other day, it went well, now I want to back up Sarah’s laptop but I want to wait until we have all the pictures scanned but then again maybe I won’t wait.
Fixed a roast with red potatoes, onion, celery and baby carrots in the crockpot, very good. We even have some left over for later in the week. We only got a 10 cu ft. refrigerator but it seems to be working well for us. We try to keep it cleared out by eating what is in it instead of fixing other dishes and not eating the left overs.
I took one of the propane bottles over to get filled yesterday, we have 30 lb. tanks. This one ran out sometime during the night last week and I don’t like having just one tank of propane. We have a couple of nights where it is supposed to get down in the low 40’s. I run the heat pump if the temps are not supposed to get below 45 but the low 40’s I wanted propane, it’s not too bad a 30 lb. tank cost me $22.25.
Feels like it is time for a nap so I will leave you all with this thought; Dreams Do Come True.


Janie and John said...

I'm a little jealous, we still have a couple weeks with the apartment. We don't have too much more to bring to the 5th Wheel but we have some major moving to the son's house the next couple of weekends. You give me hope that the end is in site. Glad you got your Nook, hope you enjoy it as much as we like our Kindles. Lets hope we get some better weather in the next few days.

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

We just found your site, We are also in the process of selling the house and purgeing our stuff, Hopefully by summer this will be done and we can hit the road,hope you guys have clewar sailing, be safe out there. Sam & Donna.