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Our Home

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Great Day

Today was a great day. We left home this morning about eight heading down to see mom in Centerville. She is at the Continental Assisted Living; my sister is the Administrator there. Mom has a great apartment and is very happy where she is at. We got there about nine-thirty, she was waiting for us, Sarah cut her hair, I brought in the box of books I had for her and the box of CDs and DVDs I had brought for the facility I put in the front area. The last box of DVDs I brought down had some of the Red Skelton show, I was told the folks in the memory care area really enjoyed them, I was glad to hear that.

We went to my sister, Tara's, house for lunch. Her husband Paul fixed chicken breasts on the grill, they were great. We had a green bean casserole and a potato casserole, both were great. My nephew Brian was there also, he is a senior at Iowa, he aspires to be a doctor and he will make a great one. We were regaled him with tales of when we were growing up, I told him I wanted a signed copy of the book he will write about everything he learned today.

Tomorrow we will be up early to go to church and then to the apartment to pack up the china and crystal and the other odds and ends left there. I bought some boxes the other day to pack the pictures and china so once that gets down, I only have a couple of things left. Daniel is taking the stereo equipment so I need to unplug everything and pack it in a box so he will have it when we get all of this to Omaha. Tiffany and Matt are taking the TV and stand plus the sofa and recliner and bookcases. My brother is taking whatever is left, hopefully by next Sunday there won't be anything left in the apartment and we can get it cleaned up and be done with it.

I am now looking into how we are going to handle our mail. I am leaning toward Alternative Resources in South Dakota to be our mail address. I have heard a lot of good things about them, our friends Dave and Shari, use them and am satisfied with their service. I will have to decide pretty soon so I can get all the paper work done and begin having the post office forward our mail.

I have tried to find health insurance for Sarah but no one wants to quote any policy until you have sixty days or less left before needing the coverage. So I have been going online and getting quotes for sixty days out, we won't need it until Sept, but it gives me an idea of the possible costs. However, with the current passing of the National Health Plan I don't know how that will affect what I have already seen. We will just have to have patience and see what happens.

We have a washer and dryer in the camper and we are doing laundry now, I am sitting here listening to the washer spin out some wash and it sounds like the camper is falling apart. It doesn't last long and it is convenient.

I believe I mentioned we had a couple of problems in the camper, lights, shower head and caulking in the shower. I want to take a moment to give some praise to Bob & Jo's RV, Guthrie Center, where we bought the camper. I received a call from Jason, who I had talked with about the problems and who scheduled us for an appointment on the 16th, he said they were going to have a man at Cutty's RV park here in Des Moines yesterday and wanted to know where we were parked. I told him we were in Griff's RV Park in Bondurant. He said he knew where that was and they would have the tech go out to the camper and fix the problems. He said this would save us a trip over to the dealer. This gesture saved us about a 120 miles RT and several hours. I highly recommend Bob & Jo's if you are ever in the area and in need of a camper or service. You don't find this level of customer service in many places anymore.

We had a great day and look forward to many more to come in our new home.

We know Dreams Do Come True.

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