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Our Home

Friday, January 24, 2014

Val Vista Village, Mesa, AZ

Those of you who know me, know I have the zero mechanical skills. The toilet began leaking and my back was hurting so I called Gene’s RV Service. Gene came out and we found out what the problem was, called the warranty company and by golly they paid the bill, minus the deductible, now the toilet words great, no leaks.

Since my back was hurting I went to Dr Kuhn DC, and he took care of the back problem, well it never really goes away but he made it more manageable.

We went to Teresa & Steve’s for dinner, not going to tell  you what we had, you would get jealous, but it was great. Then we played Rummikub, I don’t believe I have ever played it before but we had a great time. Tomorrow we are going to the Mystery Mansion with them, it should be interesting, I have never been there but it will be fun.

I finally went to the doctor about my hernia. Well guess what, a miracle happened because I do not have a hernia. The doctor said, from my symptoms, I probably had an episode of pinched nerve in my back. So I will return to work on Monday, Sarah is happy about that. I did get 8 books read while I was off work.

Yesterday we drove over to Quartzsite, AZ, this is the place over a hundred thousand RVers go each winter. I wanted to see what it was like and they have an RV show going on now and a big tent where you can buy just about anything to do with Rving. Well, we went, we saw, we won’t be going back. It is nothing but a big flea market as far as I can see. Also, dry camping in the desert holds no allure for me. It was dusty and dirty and I can’t see the appeal of it all. But we had a nice day of it and enjoyed the drive.

That’s about it for now, until later.

Dreams Do Come True.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Val Vista Village, Mesa, AZ

We are enjoying the weather here especially in light of what the Midwest has been going through the last week or so. We have not been doing much of interest but I will bring you up to date.

We have not been able to use our inverter for quite some time and I was mentioning that to one of our fellow workampers, Rick. He knows a bit about electricity, I know less than nothing about electricity, he said he would come by and take a look. He did and found a couple of things, the least of which was a blown in line fuse on the inverter, I had no clue there was a fuse let alone it was an in line fuse. The worst part was he found the batteries hooked up improperly. I have two batteries in the fifth wheel, they had a positive wire going to a negative post, and vice versa, Rick said something to the effect he was surprised the batteries were even charging. I had to order the fuse from Camping World, after Rick and I had tried four or five other places. He put the fuse in, we have not had a problem since, and when we turn off the shore power, I am happy to say we still have electricity through the inverter. Thank you Rick.

Then the toilet began to leak, everything happens in threes, you know. So I contacted a repair tech, recommended to us by our boss, and he came out and fixed it, our third party warranty even paid for the repair minus our deductible. So hopefully we will not have any more trouble with the camper or truck, the truck was the first of the threes.

January first I woke up with a pain in my left groin that just would not go away, so I went out to the VA Clinic here in Mesa, on the second, to see if I get someone could tell me what was wrong. I saw a nurse practioner who said I had an inguinal hernia. He said I could let it go or have surgery, I told him I would rather get it fixed than have it get worse. He put me into the computer to have a surgical consult and if I did not hear from them in a week to call him. A week later, having heard nothing from the VA, I called him. I was told he was out east and the person I talked with said I had to contact my home doctor to get the test order etc. I called the Omaha VA and talked with my doctor’s nurse and she told me they could not do anything because I was down here. Then I called the VA in Phoenix and talked to a nurse, he said since I am a traveling veteran everything has to go through my home doctor, but he looked and since I was already in the computer for a surgical consult I was good to go. I asked how long it might be before they would call me; he said weeks, I asked how long before surgery after that, he said weeks; general surgery is backed up for weeks. My cousin Roy said a friend of his waited seven months to some shrapnel removed from his hand. So I have now called a civilian surgeon, he is my boss’ surgeon, and will see him on the 22nd to get the hernia diagnosis validated or a release to go back to work. If he says I do have a hernia and it can wait until I get back home I will do that. In the meantime, though Sarah is working our twenty-four hours a week so we can keep our site.

We did go see the movie Last Vegas, we thought it was funny, the critics did not like it but when the critics do not like a movie, I generally do like it. It is a fun movie you do not have to think too much just enjoy.

Nothing else going on so until later

Dreams Do Come True