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Our Home

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mesa Regal RV Resort

It has been awhile since I last posted. It is not as easy as it seems to post every week, I do not know how folks blog each day. I want to blog each Saturday but there is always something to do and I do not get it done. Oh well!

It is Wednesday Jan 18 and we have to work this afternoon but I am going to write as much as I can and finish later. I have learned that by putting a lot of pictures in my blog I am using up to much of my 5GB limit per month. The free WIFI here in the park is not good, I have talked about it before, so I will limit the pictures. Maybe I will do an album in Picasa and put a link to it, we will see.

Russ Cerniglia, a former Ruan employee and inventor of Russ & Frank’s BBQ Sauce, http://www.russandfranks.com/, arrived in Tempe, Jan 3rd, for a conference and we met him for dinner at Monti’s, http://www.montis.com/, the food was very good and it is always great to visit with Russ. Candi, we wish you would have been with him but we did enjoy seeing Russ.

On Jan 7, we went to Nikki Becker-Albert’s for dinner. Nikki’s husband Jack fixed a shrimp dish that was very good. We really enjoyed being with them again and daughter Meredith was very persuasive in her Girl Scout cookie sales, I bought several boxes. I figure I will take some to Happy Hour on Thursdays and eat the others.

Colleen called and invited us to their house for dinner on Sunday, spend the night and leave Monday morning. I will never refuse an invite from her; she has turned into a fabulous gourmet cook. She has come a long way since Burlington in her culinary expertise. We have a lot of fun and enjoy staying at her and Darrius’ home.

Tuesday we rode the Metro Light Rail, http://phoenix.about.com/od/transbus/a/lightrail.htm, with fellow workampers, John and Cindi Cline from Omaha, I enjoyed the ride immensely. It is clean and runs on time. We rode to the end of the line and back to the Mill Rd stop and got off there. The idea of riding it was to check it out as a means of transportation for Sarah’s sister, Cynthia, when she comes visiting next week. It should be a breeze going out to get her. The Mill Rd stop is in downtown Tempe, so we had lunch at Five Guy’s, never order the large French fries there. We walked around downtown looking in on some of the stores, had some ice cream and rode the train back to the end of the line in Mesa. There is free parking there so we had driven the truck and parked it there.

Wednesday, we worked and in the evening we went to see Christine/Ali, America’s Got Talent finalists, they put on a fifty minute show, singing some of their own original songs. The show was good but it is not one I would see again.

Saturday we went to the Organ Pizza Stop with John & Cindi. I have written about this place before, I really enjoy the entertainment, and the pizza is not bad either.

Sunday we had another invite to Colleen & Darrius’ for dinner and we stayed the night and left Monday morning about 9:30.

Monday we went to Canyon Lake with Bill & Ludella Hoggart, we caravanned to Mesa with them. We took a boat ride on the Lake and really enjoyed it, http://www.dollysteamboat.com/. We were able to see a nesting Bald Eagle, and some big horn sheep. The guide said volcanoes formed the lake eons ago and in some parts of the canyon walls, you see petrified wood. It was a great ride and I found it very interesting. After the ride we ate lunch at the Canyon Lake restaurant, http://www.canyonlakerestaurant.com/index.htm, the food was good and you can watch the boats out on the lake. The drive up to the lake and home again is along hwy 88, it has some great turns in it and you do not go very fast because the edge of the drop offs from the road are quite steep. We spent the rest of the day at Bill & Ludella’s and had pizza to round out our day.

I have to tell you also Sarah drove the truck home from Costco last week and she did a good job of it, she only went off two curbs. I told her all she has to do is take wide turns and she will not do that. I am going to have to let her drive more often.

That about wraps up everything we have been doing to today.

Take care and remember;

Dreams Do Come True

Monday, January 2, 2012

Mesa Regal RV Resort

I watched Nebraska get beat today, Iowa and Iowa State lost on Friday and Wisconsin is playing now. None of the teams I wanted to win could win so maybe I shouldn’t watch football. Oh well it is still fun to watch.

We worked Tues, Weds, and Thurs last week and had Friday off giving us a five day break, we are back to our regular schedule of Wed-Fri this week. Should be busy picking up and putting away all the decorations for the Christmas/New Years parties.

New Year’s eve we went to Bob & Judy Van Cleave’s camper for the evening, their friends John & Marie were there also. We played chicken feet dominoes and a game called left, right, hold dice, I think that was the name of it. We had a great time. Sarah had a new drink, vodka flavored with a whip cream flavor and orange soda, it tasted like dream sickles, very good.

As I mentioned before we were at Colleen and Darrius’ for Christmas. One of the TV programs they watch is HDGTV house hunting etc. and I just want to say they got me interested it that channel, so now I find myself staying up watching these shows, I don’t know why but I find them interesting.

That is all for today, Sarah and I want to wish everyone a Happy and Safe and Prosperous New Year to everyone.


Dreams Do Come True.