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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Update 3/14/17

I have been remiss in getting this out, so I decided today was the day.

We stayed the last weekend of our time in AZ with my sister and her husband, Darrius & Colleen. They have sold their home and have bought a townhouse which is still being built. We saw the model of their new place and I figured I could stay there for a month or so but I was told no by Sarah. I would not stay that long a week at the most
Sunday, February 26, we headed for Sierra Vista, AZ. I didn’t get to see the Buffalo Soldiers Museum at Ft Huachuca on our way to Mesa because it was closed. That was a holiday weekend so I figured the 27th of February would not be a problem. WRONG!!! The museum is closed on Sunday and Monday. We wanted to head out the next day so we went out at nine when they opened and did get to see some of it. Sarah saw more than me because part of the exhibits were upstairs and I wasn’t feeling up to negotiating any steps. We left after a couple hours.

Our plan was to get to Alamogordo, NM and stay there for the night. A few miles after we got on I-10 eastbound the neon sign across the interstate showed we had to get off and follow a detour because the road was closed due to dust storms. The detour was up to Safford, AZ and then followed Hwy 70 back to the interstate. We arrived in Alamogordo around six, so the detour took about two hours.

From Alamogordo, we went to Liberal, KS, spent the night there and left the next morning for home arriving about 5 pm. It was sure nice to get home even with the cold weather.

I did bring a cold home with me so I went to my primary care doctor and got some medicine for it. I seem to be getting better.

Today I went to see my oncologist and he said all looked good and I will see you in three months, good news.

Next week, Wed, I go to the eye doctor for an annual checkup, might need a new prescription. On Thurs I see the orthopedic doctor and hopefully my fractured humorous will be healing nicely.

This weekend we are going to WI to see the kids there and I am sure it will cost me for their report cards. Then it is a stop in Ames, IA on our way back to see Tiffany and family. That will cost me also as Alexa is getting A’s and on the honor roll. I don’t mind because I want the kids to do well in school so they can do whatever they want when they get to college.

March 26, we fly to Minneapolis and then to San Juan, PR. My brother Larry and his wife Kathy will meet us in Minneapolis and we’ll all be on the same flight. My sister Tara and her husband Paul will arrive in San Juan an hour or so after we do. My other sister, Colleen and husband Darrius, are flying there on Saturday to determine which restaurant we are going to eat at Sunday night. On Monday, 27th, we board Celebrity Cruise Lines ship the Summit for a cruise of the Caribbean. We are going to have a ball, I am looking forward to this trip like none I have been on before.

Nothing else going on so I will close for now.