Our Home

Our Home

Monday, June 10, 2013

Gretna, NE

Sarah is continuing to improve more and more with each day, in fact she now has more hair than I do and even had to have it trimmed. We are very thankful each day.

Friday, May 31, we met Norma & Orren at Smokey D’s, my favorite BBQ place in Des Moines, there isn’t one here in Omaha so I will have to find a favorite BBQ place over here. Anyway we had a great meal, Norma ordered the tenderloin, it is homemade and very good.

We are the West Omaha KOA in Gretna, NE, this is our home when in the Omaha area, they have full hookups and are the only ones in the area with full hookups, but then I have told you all of this stuff before. We arrived here a week ago last Saturday from Des Moines. It had threatened to rain that day so I did some prep work to get ready to leave the day before but then it turned out to be a nice day for traveling. It was only a two and a half hour drive so not bad, the weather was good when we arrived and we were set up in a relatively short time. We are in the same site we have been in for the last three years with one exception; it is a back in site. For those who live this way, you know there are times when you hit it just right and you are in the site in just a couple tries and other times it seemingly takes forever and then it isn’t just right but you let it be anyway. I hit it with three tries, I felt good about that.

It is good to see the grandkids and be around them more. Daniel and family are all moved into their new home and getting adjusted to the new surroundings. I haven’t been able to talk him into giving me a corner of the garage for the stuff we have in storage but I am still working on it.

When we got the camper out of storage, everything worked great except we were not getting hot water out of the water heater, not to my liking anyway. So I called John’s Mobile RV Service he was listed at the office and in the campground brochure. He came out and adjusted a valve, I would have never thought of it, to increase the hot water flow from the water heater and now we have hot water, live and learn. That is the neat thing about living in an RV you learn something new every day.

Last Wednesday I cleaned the car with my DriWash product; it really did a nice job of cleaning it up. On Thursday, I took the car into the dealer to get the oil changed because we were heading out to Colorado.

A few months ago, we received an invitation to Marie’s brother’s wedding in Colorado. At the time we declined not knowing if Sarah would be feeling up to making the drive. Last Monday Sarah found out the grandkids were going to be in the wedding and that did it, we were going if there was room for us at the wedding. After some phone calls Larry & Kayla, the bride and groom, said they would love for us to come out. Then I scrambled to find a room, we stayed at the Hampton Inn in Ft Collins, Colo, a nice hotel if you ever find yourself needing a room in Ft. Collins, Colo.

We had a great time visiting with everyone, some of the folks we haven’t seen since Daniel & Marie’s wedding.

Anyway, the wedding took place at the Tapestry House, once owned by a couple from Iowa, www.TapestryHouse.com . In 1875, their son Eli Asbury purchased land just north of LaPorte and named it Hawkeye Ranch in honor of his family's Iowa roots!” If you go to the website, it will give more history of the house. My one mention of food this time will be the caterer Larry & Kayla had for both Friday night and the reception. It was Main Street Catering, Ken Rosander, Chef/Owner; he did a fantastic job for both meals, www.mainstreetcateringco.com. Of course, I ate too much so the weight I lost has most likely returned I am afraid to get on the scales.

We had a great drive over, $4.699 per gallon for gas, I burn premium in the car, that is the most I have ever paid for gas. We pulled into a station in Ogalla, NE and they told us there pumps weren’t working, their gas price was $4.399, so we went next door and hit the $4.699, I believe they were in cahoots and splitting the difference.

Long drive but we had a very enjoyable time and appreciate being able to be a part of Larry & Kayla’s special day.

When we parked the first night at the Hampton Inn, I didn’t pay much attention to where I was parking and the next morning the car was covered with tree sap. So this morning I get out my Quick Mist from DriWash and clean the car, the sap came off with little or no rubbing, the bugs required a bit more elbow grease but not much. So now, the car looks great again. However, when I was cleaning the car I noticed a piece of the roof rack gone, it looked like h--- so we went to the dealer and $87 later we have a new piece and all is looking good.

I wasn’t called into work today, I am going to drive for Enterprise here in Omaha, but I expect to be called in tomorrow. I know it doesn’t pay much but I enjoy it and it keeps me out of trouble.

The house hasn’t been started yet maybe this week, I told Sarah we won’t buy furniture this year we will wait until next year when we get back, and then we can go shopping.

Last night after we unpacked etc., I was sitting in my chair reading the paper; I always buy the Sunday paper no matter where we are, except on time we were in a town where they had no Sunday paper. Anyway, I was reading and heard this knocking on the camper and I thought maybe something was lose on the ladders or bikes so raised the shades on the back window and here was a Robin pecking at the window. Now the bird must be retarded because he kept it up until dark and was back again this morning. I am sure he sees his reflection in the window and can’t understand why the bird he is looking at seems familiar. I taped some ads from the paper on the inside of the window thinking he would stop, he did for a bit, but I believe he didn’t like what he read and went back to pecking at the window. I don’t mind the pecking, although it is terribly annoying, Ok I don’t like it a bit, but the biggest problem with all this is the dang bird thinks the ledge is his private privy. What a mess, I will have to take some time and clean the camper now. The joys of living with nature.

We are here until July 16, the campground is full then so we are heading over to Crossroads RV Park, in Mt Pleasant, IA where Dave & Sheri are camp hosting again this year. Then it is off to Wisconsin on July 24 and we will stay there until September 2 when we will head back to Omaha and the KOA. October 1 will find us heading for Des Moines and doctor appts for Sarah before we head for Louisiana and Sarah’s brother Bill’s. We are to be in Mesa on Nov 1 and I want to stop in Houston to see my friends Sylvester and Air Force buddy and Jose a college buddy. All of this is planned in Jell-O to make it easier to adjust as needed.

That is all for now remember, Dreams Do Come True.