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Our Home

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Good News and Bad News

This won’t be too long, suffice it to say Sarah and I have been keeping busy, some days we don’t know where the time has gone.

We haven’t taken any long trips just short ones. Went to Wisconsin a couple of times, saw Tiffany and family in Ames, and went to Burlington to visit family and friends. It doesn’t look like we will get to the Des Moines area until August or September. Other than that we have pretty much been hanging around home.

We have decided to put in backsplash in the kitchen, the builder only put in a four inch splash and we wanted more, so next Monday we are getting that done. We spent quite a bit of time watering our plants, seems the sprinkler system wasn’t working. After investigating the situation we come to find out the main water line for the system was cut by the concrete guys putting in a foundation for one of the new homes. It is now fixed and hopefully our grass and plants will get watered. We may still have to water a few that don’t get watered by the sprinkler system.

In July we are heading to Portland, OR on the train, I may have mentioned this before, returning through the northern states to Chicago and the back to Omaha. We have been looking forward to this for a long time.
This month I have doctor appointments, I see the doctors every three months. Two weeks ago I had my urology appointment and they found my PSA on the rise. A rise in the PSA is caused by the prostate not playing nice. They said they would write it up for the oncologist.

Today I saw the oncologist and he asked how I felt, I said I feel fine. I told him I have trouble staying outside if the temps are above ninety or more, he is having a blood test run on the thyroid, they took a gallon and a half of blood from me today so they have plenty to work with. He also commented on the rise in my PSA, he is putting me on Bicalutamide 50 mg, I was on this for a month or so when I first started with my Leuprolide shot, it basically hits the prostate with a double dose of drugs.

So the Bad News is I have a rise in the PSA and I have to start taking another pill, but the Good News is I can still travel and so Oregon here we come.

I have decided to stop blogging, although I will continue to send updates on my cancer treatments. If you do not want to receive them please let me know, you won’t hurt my feelings. With us not being on the road anymore and we have sold both the truck and camper we won’t be camping anymore, there really isn’t much to write about, living in a house can be quite boring. So the blog site won’t have any more updates to it after this one.

Thanks for listening.