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Friday, April 23, 2010

Almost Done with the Move

Work is about the same, this week we have had several tours so those help to make the days go faster. Yesterday we had some folks from Iowa City, who work for another part of the company; they wanted to see what and how we do our imaging to see if there is a way for them to improve their processes. It was a good visit and I believe we gave them some new ideas they can take home and see if they will work for them.

The camper is becoming more livable, the problem is we still have items sitting in boxes in the living area until we figure out where we want them. We are almost finished with scanning the pictures but the Sarah came up with another box and couple of albums to scan. It is supposed to rain this weekend and I plan on attacking the pictures and maybe I will be able to clear the decks of them for good.

We are in the process of scanning some more pictures Sarah found. This weekend is supposed to be cold and rainy so I hope we can finish the scanning once and for all. We have over 30,000 pictures on the computer, I am sure there are a lot of duplicates.

I buy a lot of HP products, all my printers have been HP and I have two laptops that are HP so I do like their products. I decided to buy a portable hard drive and HP had one for $103 so I ordered it with the free shipping. If I had wanted to have two day delivery it would have cost me another $39, so I took the free shipping. I had it in two days, not bad service.

I love to read and have had in my life time quite a few books. So with downsizing I have had to get rid of most of them. I am now down to five boxes of books and I need the room so they are going to have to go. So tonight I bought a Nook eBook reader from Barnes and Noble. I can now get rid of the boxes of books. I am looking forward to using it and enjoying all of my favorite books.

Tomorrow we have some running around to do and then back home to continue putting things away. One of these days we will have the camper the way we want it.

Dreams Do Come True.

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