Our Home

Our Home

Friday, November 26, 2010

Thibodaux, LA

It has been a week since I have written anything; it is time
to bring everyone up to date on our whereabouts.
I left off last, saying we were going over to Chuck and Cora’s
for dinner. I was impressed, Chuck did the cooking and did a Five Star job, he
had pork, beef, and sweet potatoes and more I can’t remember. It was very good.
Marcus, a great nephew, and Brenda and Isabella,
granddaughter, joined us and we had good conversations along with the great
meal. It was very enjoyable. Chuck and Cora redid the interior of their home in
the last couple of years and I thought they did a great job. Chuck has a record
collection that is quite extensive. About nine Chuck took us back to the
camper, there is no way I could find their home without the gps and then I might
still get lost. It was a fun evening.
Sunday, church and Wal-Mart, then home and do nothing.
Monday, we went into Mable’s shop to pick up our mail, Sarah
decided to stay and help Brenda with pricing some jewelry. Sarah also bought
some jewelry; I really shouldn’t leave her alone like that.
Tuesday was moving day; we would be spending the next week
at Bill and Mable’s house in Thibodaux, LA. I spent about 45 min to an hour
getting the outside ready to travel. Once that was done, I helped Sarah finish
getting the inside ready also. We left the RV Park about nine and headed
southeast. We arrived a bit before noon. After a bit of maneuvering I finally
was able to bet the trailer backed into the driveway without too much problem.
I should have had Sarah taking pictures. The street is wide enough for two
vehicles and Bill has a single car driveway so I think I did a good job. I did
put some tire tracks in his front yard but he says when it rains they will come
out, I hope so. We only have 15 amps service so no A/C, other than a bit muggy,
it is tolerable. ( You can double click on the location map, click on the yellow guy above the map controls and drag it to the third house in the block. You can then see the house and driveway were we are currently located. I'll get some pictures once it stops raining.) Here is a picture of the driveway and the front yard, I made some dents in the grass.

I wanted to miss the pole, which I did, only took about 15 minutes to get it back there.
Wednesday Bill and I kept busy doing things to get ready for
Thursday. Marcus came down and we went grocery shopping so he could cook gumbo
for dinner. He spent all afternoon cooking and the gumbo was awesome.
For lunch, Tuesday and Wednesday, we had PoBoy sandwiches. We
have these in Iowa but they are Poor Boy sandwiches and they are not as good.
Both days I got the overstuffed oyster sandwich, truly awesome.
Thanksgiving Day Bill and Mable had 20+ guests at their
house for dinner, turkey, ham, sweet potatoes, rice, dressing, mashed potatoes,
scalloped corn, pie, it was a feast fit for royalty. Everyone did a fantastic
job of putting the meal together; I helped by staying out of the way.
There is a cold front coming through today, Friday, and
right now, the temperature is 54 with a high today of 60 and low tonight of 32.
I thought I was getting out of the cold weather by coming south.
Tomorrow we are going to a wedding in New Orleans it should
be a fun time and then we will stay until Tuesday when we head back to
We have decided to fly to Robert’s for his graduation and getting
his MBA degree. I have said I wouldn’t fly anymore but since we are traveling
in December and it is a 2-3 day trip to get to Wisconsin one way I bought plane
tickets and we will fly into Milwaukee and rent a car, we are going Dec 16th
and coming back on the 20th. We would like to stay longer but the
kids are in school and Robert and Sarah work so we will plan on a longer stay
next summer.
That’s all for now remember – Dreams Do Come True.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Loving this Lifestyle

Here it is Saturday already, some days I do not know where the time goes. Sarah is shopping with Brenda, niece, and her granddaughter Isabella. I volunteered to stay home, I had some things I wanted to do and I wanted to watch the Iowa game, I have to watch it on non-HD but I get to watch it. Go Hawks.

We arrived here at Frog City RV Park in Duson, LA on Thursday afternoon about 2:30. We are in site 6 of 54 sites, there is no “it” factor here, as Howard & Linda Payne of www.RV-Dreams.com like to classify campgrounds, but it has a level sites and FHU with free cable and internet, so we are here until the end of the year.

I stated in the previous post when we were coming through Clinton, AR we were stopped at a police roadblock, they were looking for an escaped murderer. We told Fred & Lisa about the incident when we had dinner with them Wednesday night, on Friday Fred called and said the police captured the man two blocks from where they live in Texarkana. The escapee stole a truck and made it that far.

Thursday night Sarah’s brother Bill and his wife Mable came out to the campground we had not seen them since the middle of September. They took us to Fezzo’s seafood and steakhouse for dinner where Chuck and his wife Cora met us. The food was excellent and the company was great. Bill took us back to the camper where we opened a couple bottles of wine and had a piece of pecan pie.

Friday was laundry day, we went into met Bill, and Mable at Mable’s business, she sells prophesies to women who have had mastectomies. We had brought five bags of Sterzings potato chips for everyone here. Mable also asked us to take the camper to Thibodaux, their home, so we would have a place to stay over Thanksgiving, there will be 22 people there so I agreed to it so I would have my own bed plus we can help with whatever needs to be done.

We went to Wal Mart on the way home, it was a busy place, we did not get much but Sarah was looking for material to make a blanket for Isabella. I bought a 30-15 amp adapter so I can plug into the house in Thibodaux.

Friday night we went over to the casino at the truck stop next door to the campground. When we checked in, we were given a card for a $6 credit to play the slots. Therefore, we went over and unbeknownst smoking is allowed here. By the time we had lost all of the credit we had, I began to develop a headache and our clothes smelled of smoke, so we went home and washed them right away.

Tonight we are spending time with Chuck and Cora, Chuck is cooking, it should be a great time.

We are loving this lifestyle – Dreams Do Come True.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


We are still in Branson, MO at the Branson Stage Coach RV
Park. This is a nice park but the road into it is a narrow and twisty road with
no shoulder to it, but it is doable if you take your time. 

Carl and Merilee arrived Sunday afternoon and checked into
their unit at Wyndham resort, there was a mix up in reservations and they did
not get the unit they wanted. They are going to meet with the manager sometime
this week to straighten it out. They came over to the campground and we went
out sightseeing, we found a “see the lights drive through” place and we drove
through it.

The highlight of Sunday for everyone but me, I thought it
was funny also, was having dinner at McFarlan’s restaurant. It seems they have
a table there that is bolted to the floor and the tabletop rises very slowly
while you are eating. When we arrived there, I went to the restroom and Carl
and Sarah sat down in a booth but then requested the table, Carl’s idea, so
everyone knew about it but me. We ordered and while I was, eating and I
noticed, half way through the meal that my plate was getting closer to my
mouth. Now this wasn’t a bad deal because I tend to miss my mouth and get food
on my shirt, I looked at my chair to see if I had a low sitting chair, I didn’t
remember it being too low when I first sat down. I said something to the others
and Sarah began laughing so hard I did not think she would be able to stop,
everyone in the restaurant knew what was going on but me. Carl said there was a
young boy who kept looking at us trying not to be conspicuous, I did not see
him, but it would not have matter because I thought there was something wrong
with my chair. Everyone had a good laugh, including me, over this. We are now
members of the McFarlan’s Rising Table Society, it was fun.

Monday we went to see the movie “Red”, I did enjoy it, but I
want to rent it again because I have a tendency not to hear some things the
actors say. We met Merilee’s nephew Harold and his wife Katy for dinner at the
Macaroni Grill. I had the king salmon, it had some type of rice with spinach
and cabbage in it, the meal was delicious. We had a good time visiting with the
young folks.

Tuesday was a day of running around; we took a drive in the
country. Carl wanted to take us to Kimberling, MO for breakfast, after driving
through some beautiful hills and seeing some nice areas we finally got to
Kimberling and stopped at a little diner. The server was very friendly, I do
not remember her name, I ordered biscuits and gravy, it was four whole biscuits
covered in sausage gravy with a lot of pepper in the gravy. This was the best
biscuits and gravy I have had in quite a few years, we left there and continued
our touristy travels. We ate lunch at Dana’s; they specialized in sandwiches of
pulled pork. Instead of a sandwich Sarah and I split an order of nachos, they
were great. After that, we went back to Carl and Merilee’s so she and Sarah
could go to a beading activity at the resort. When they go t back, we went out
to an outlet mall and looked around. It was time for dinner so we went to
Luigi’s pizza the home of the St Louis style thin crust pizza. We order two
mediums, one with everything on it the other one of their specialties, tomato,
cheese, and sausage, they were both very good.

Carl took us back to the camper so we could get the camper
ready for our travels today, Wednesday.

We had an uneventful trip from Branson to Texarkana, AR, the
roads were very good, I kept the camper at cruising at the speed limit or 60
maximum on the interstate. We did have one little episode, coming into Clinton,
AR we saw the northbound traffic backed up for about three miles. We drove a
bit further and as we came over the crest of a hill, I could see traffic backed
up in our lane for a couple miles. It was stop and go for the two miles so we
used this opportunity to eat the sandwiches Sarah had made. When we finally got
to the checkpoint I asked the officer, what was going on and he said they had
an escaped murderer out loose; he wanted to know if stopped in town, I said we
had not. He told us the man was dressed in a white t-shirt and gray pants and
to call 911 if we saw him.

We arrived at the Four States RV Park in Texarkana; this
park is at the Texarkana fairgrounds we have full hookups all for $18 per
night. We did not unhook and only hooked up electric and water.

Sarah’s nephew Fred and his wife Lisa came out to see us
after looking at the camper they took us to the Texas Roadhouse restaurant for
dinner and bought us dinner. We enjoyed their company and had a very good
dinner, thank you Fred and Lisa.

We will take off for Louisiana in the morning; we should
arrive by mid afternoon.

This has been a great trip – Dreams Do Come True.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Branson, MO

After a restful night in Iola, KS we headed for Branson, MO. The drive today was very pleasant, we followed the GPS and it did admirably, the directions were perfect. We stopped once for a break at Walmart, Sarah needed some ear plugs, she doesn't like the noise of the truck. Sarah had made some turkey sandwiches and we at them as we went down the highway. Today we had a mixture of two and four lane highways, all were very good roads.

We arrived at Branson Stage Coach RV park about 1:30 and were set up in about 45 minutes. Sarah noticed the fuel cap missing on one of the fuel tanks. I didn't put it back on after fueling the truck in Newton, KS. I called the Ford dealer but the parts department was closed, so we went to everyone's favorite store, WalMart. They actually had the cap so I bought two. I am not going to believe I won't forget to put the cap back in the future.

Tomorrow I am going to relax, eat breakfast, watch CBS Sunday Morning, go get the Sunday paper, get some groceries and then football.

Have a great weekend - Dreams Do Come True.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Iola RV Park, Iola, KS

We arrived at the Excel service center Wednesday afternoon about 2:30 pm. They had us park the camper on the backside of the center and we plugged in the unit. We were told we could spend the night there but the technician would be ready to pull the unit into the shop at 6:30 am sharp. We were up at 5:30 and had the unit ready by 6:15 am. We spent the day in the service center lounge. There were three other couples waiting for their units to be fixed also, one of the couples we discovered had been at the RV-Dreams Branson rally a couple of years ago, Alan & Jeanne Webster. We had a good time visiting with everyone, Daryl and his wife were from Clear Lake, IA and Jim & his wife (I do not know their last name) they all were done Thursday. Allan & Jeanne left early today and we left at 10 am today. I cannot speak highly enough of the folks who work at the service center; they are very friendly and helpful. Jacque did the work on our unit and she did a very admirable job. We are very happy with the service we received and the helpfulness of the employees.

We left the center at 10 am with a cloudy day ahead of us. By the time we turned south on highway 81 it had begun to rain and we had rain the rest of our trip. We stopped at Newton, KS for a break and I filled the truck in a driving rain, it did not need fuel but I will not ever pass up a chance to top off the tank. Highway 81 joins Hwy 135, we took it to Hwy 196, this is a Kansas state highway and a very smooth ride, then got on Hwy 54 and continued on it to Iola, KS where we are now camped at the Iola RV Park, this is a Passport America park, it cost us $11. I have kept the truck hooked up and if it is not raining in the morning, I will dump the black water tank.

We are headed for Branson, MO and the Branson Stagecoach RV Park on Hwy 165. We are meeting Carl & Merilee there for a couple of days.

I now understand why most full timers drive no more 4 hours in a day, it was an enjoyable drive, even with the rain, but I am tired and will not be getting up at 5:30 in the morning.

Dreams Do Come True

Monday, November 8, 2010

Almost Over

Our visit here is almost over, here is a recap of the last week.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday we were with Marie and the kids, they are a hoot. Eli cries every time I hold him. I keep trying though and occasionally, not very often, he will let me hold him and we talk. I wish we could have had more time with the other grandkids but next year we will see if we can spend more time with all of them.

Earlier in the week, I had put the Buick on Craigslist hoping to sell it, by Thursday I did not have one legitimate inquiry. I did have someone, Amanda, write and say she would pay the amount I was asking and she had a shipper ready to pick up the car all she needed was my PayPal account information to consummate the deal. I wrote back and said I think not. So Daniel and I were talking he said he heard CarMax buys cars, so on Thursday I went to CarMax to see what I could get for the car. After 45 minutes, they gave me a quote at the low end of what NADA indicated it was worth. I told them I would get back to them; you have 7 days to accept their offer. I knew I wanted to sell the car, it was in good shape but there were a couple issues I knew of that would have cost over a thousand dollars to fix. As I left CarMax, I noticed signs at the dealer next door indicating they also bought cars, so I popped in on them to see what they would give me. I was hooked up with a salesperson and asked the obligatory questions, I did get a free soda here, and she took the car and did the appraisal on it. She came back with the same price CarMax gave me so I figured that was about all I was going to get. I asked if I could keep the car until Monday and then bring it to them. She was taken back a bit and said no, the quote was for leaving them the car today. I told her I would need a ride to my truck she said she would take me to it. I hemmed and hawed a bit and finally she said what do you want for the car. I quoted here a price a thousand more than their offer she said she would ask. It was interesting, no matter what the deal, buying or selling, the sales person has to ask the sales manager to get the deal accepted. Anyway, she came back and offered 500 more than the original quote so I took it. I took a lot less for the car than if I had sold it on my own, but I do not have to worry about the upkeep on it anymore and the biggest benefit is now Sarah will ride in the truck with me. So now, we are a one-vehicle family living our dream.

Friday we went with Marie and the kids to see her grandmother Jewell. Jewell has moved into an independent living facility, http://www.rlcommunities.com/index.html. This is a very nice facility I believe a group out of Lincoln, NE. owns them. We had a nice visit, she is on the second floor and quite a ways from the dining room but she has a motorized scooter to get around. I know Jewell reads the blog so if we do not get over to see you before we leave, take care and we will see you in the spring
Saturday Daniel cooked a turkey on his Weber grill, he put some hickory wood in with the charcoal and the turkey had a nice hard brown skin to it, I thought maybe it was overcooked but the meat was very moist, tender, and very good. Robert is a good griller also, so I guess I taught them well.

Yesterday we went to church, picked up the paper; Omaha has a very nice paper the http://www.omaha.com/. On a previous excursion into Gretna, I had found a donut shop so we stopped there so I could get my apple fritters. I use to eat them once a week when working and they were good but these are much bigger and better tasting. So I bought three and some other pastries, I also bought the girls some donut holes.

Today was clean the camper day, we moved furniture and Sarah vacuumed, I wiped down the woodwork with Murphy’s Oil Soap, it worked great. We are having guest tonight and we wanted to have the place look good. A person I worked with at Ruan, Greg Welp and his wife Sue are coming out to the camper tonight and we are going out to dinner. I have not seen Greg for over seven years so it will be good to see him and catch up on with each other’s adventures.

Tomorrow we are going to spend the day with Marie and the kids and see Daniel when he gets home from work. Then Wednesday we will get up early, hook up, and head out for Smith Center, KS and the Excel service center to get a few items replaced and fixed. Then it is off to Branson, MO to spend a couple days with Carl and Merilee, then on to Duson, LA and Frog City RV Park, http://www.lafayettervpark.com/.

I have to say I have enjoyed being at the West Omaha KOA except for the lady bugs. We are inundated with them so I thought I would do some research on them.

I guess we probably have the Asian Lady Beetle, well it is a lady bug to me and a pest. According to http://www.epestsupply.com/asian_beetles.html#asian_lady_beetle_facts.

I have made a couple editorial comments, in bold, but if you are interested it is “fascinating reading”, right.

Asian Lady Beetle Facts

Lady bugs surrounding and invading your home by the thousands? millions? I believe all the millions are at our camper. It's not lady bugs, it probably the Asian beetle. Asian beetles have become a homeowners worst nightmare. Asian beetles, which are sometimes mistaken for ladybugs or lady bird beetles, are familiar insects in many parts of the United States. For the most part, Asian beetles are beneficial predators that eat aphids, scale, insects, and many other pests that injure plants in gardens, landscapes and agricultural settings. However, in many places the multicolored Asian lady beetle has become a household pest. This beetle feeds on aphids and other soft-bodied insects that dwell on crops and trees. Soybean crops are reportedly a favorite of Asian beetles and when the soybean crops get harvested in late summer/early fall, watch out! Asian beetles will be migrating to find a new place to live and breed. Maybe your home! Of course, spring time is also a good time to have an Asian beetle outbreak. Why do we have such large numbers - sometimes epidemic numbers of Asian beetles? You can thank science and the US government.

The multicolored Asian lady beetle was first recorded as a pest in houses in 1988 in Abita Springs, Louisiana. It had been first released in the early 198%s as a biological control agent; and numerous subsequent releases have been made throughout the United States. Because the beetle was not recovered after this release, it was assumed that it had not established and was incompatible with North American conditions. The source of the 1988 infestation in Abita Springs, LA, is unknown; but it is not thought to be linked to the controlled releases. Guess where we are going to spend the rest of the year?

The original infestation site was close to ports used for international shipping including cargo containers from Asia. Since this inadvertent release, the beetle has rapidly expanded its range and is now commonly found throughout much of the U.S. Large congregations tend to be found on windows, doors, and porch decks, and in the walls of buildings.

Asian Lady Beetle Identification

Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle

Harmonia axyridis

Multicolored Asian beetles are slightly larger than most native lady beetles, with adults measuring 9/32 inch (7mm) long and 7/32 (5.5mm) wide. They are oval or convex in shape, and yellow to red in color (without black spots on wing covers). The beetles' spots, which can vary in size and pattern, number from no spots to as many as nineteen; however, nineteen is the most common number. The head is usually concealed beneath the disk-shaped pronotum, which is cream to yellow in color with a black 'M' design in the center. Asian beetle larvae are elongated, flattened, and covered with minute tubercles or spines. They are often described as alligator-shaped. The eggs, which are laid upright in clusters of about twenty, are oval and yellow.

Asian Lady Beetle Life Cycle

Once the weather starts to turn colder, lady beetle adults begin to seek over-wintering sites. The lady beetles appear to orient toward light colored, conspicuous objects, such as white buildings. What could be more conspicuous than a large white RV? It is like we have a WELCOME sign out for them. Large numbers collect on outside walls warmed by the sun, especially on the south and southwest sides. When one lady beetle lands, many others soon follow. Some research suggests that this aggregation behavior may involve chemical cues (pheromones), visual cues, or a combination of all.

Asian Lady Beetle Benefits

The Asian beetle is a voracious predator of aphids and scale on trees, shrubs, and crops. Adults are capable of consuming 90 to 270 aphids per day and larvae can consume between 600 and 1,200 aphids during its life stage. Both adults and larvae have been observed in soybean fields feeding on the newly introduced soybean aphid and are believed to be effective biological control agents in controlling this important new pest.

Asian Lady Beetle Damage

The greatest damage caused by the multicolored Asian lady beetle is the discomfort they give to homeowners. It is not uncommon for tens of thousands of beetles to congregate in attics, ceilings and wall voids. When the heating is turned on the beetles tend to move around inside these voids and exit into the living areas of the home.

In addition to biting, they exude a foul-smelling, yellow defensive chemical, which will sometimes cause spotting on walls and other surfaces. Most people are only annoyed by the odor of these chemicals. However, some individuals experience an allergic reaction to the defensive excretions. Sinus irritations and mild skin irritations have been reported subsequent to encounters with the Asian beetle. It is probably not an over-reaction to wash hands or other skin after contacting the beetles. In at least one study, the severity of sinus problems subsided with the removal of beetles from the home.


Non-Chemical Control Measures For Asian Lady Beetles

I have one method to add here, stand around and squash them, I have killed, maybe, a trillion of them so far.

Asian Lady Beetle Light Traps may provide relief from beetles flying or crawling around the interior of homes. The Asian Lady Beetle drawn to the trap by its light source and a unique pheromone sex lure. Asian Lady Beetles will be attracted to the trap because of the pheromone lure. Once at the trap, the Asian Lady Beetles will be enticed into the jar by a special UV light source. No poisons. This is a live trap. This trap does not kill the Asian beetles. The Asian Lady Beetles will be collected into the collection jar. The jar will need to be emptied on a regular basis. If you decide to use a live trap such as the Asian Lady Beetle Light Traps, do not take the beetles outside and let them go. They will come right back. Remember, Asian lady beetles are not the same as Lady Bugs and do not make a good beneficial insect. The best way to dispose of the beetles is to fill the jar with soapy water and when all the beetles are dead, clean it out. DO NOT use the type of light trap that utilizes an electrical grid (commonly called 'bug zappers') to kill the beetles inside the home. Light traps are most effective at night when there are no competing light sources, or during the day when curtains are drawn and other light sources are minimized. The Asian Lady Bug pheromone lure needs to be replaced every 4- 5 weeks for best results.

Trapper LTD glue traps can also be used to trap Asian beetles. Trapper LTD's are small glue traps that can be placed under lights on window ledges and other places to capture Asian beetles. Once the Trapper LTD is full, simply toss it in the trash and replace. We sell Trapper LTD's individually and by the case of 72. Keep plenty handy, especially if the Asian beetle population is very large. Trapper LTD's also work well to capture cockroaches, crickets, flies, mice, geckos, lizards and many other insect pests.

Pest proofing or sealing the outside cracks may help to prevent Asian beetles from getting inside. This can be done by sealing all outside cracks and crevices around doors, windows, siding, utility pipes and other openings with a good quality silicone or silicone-latex caulk. Window screens should not have any tears and should fit snugly inside the window frame. Install insect screening over attic and exhaust vents. Take measures to exclude Asian beetles before late autumn when they begin to seek over-wintering sites - potentially in your home!

If numerous lady beetles are entering the living areas of the home it is advisable to locate the places where the beetles gain access. Typically, Asian beetles will emerge from cracks under or behind baseboards, around window and door trim, and around exhaust fans or lights in ceilings. Seal these openings with caulk or other suitable materials to prevent the beetles from crawling out. A temporary solution is to use duct tape or masking tape to stop the beetles. A helpful hint to remember - the beetles are attracted to light and can see light entering through cracks in the walls or ceilings. Initially, concentrate on sealing cracks in the rooms where Asian beetles are most prevalent.

Vacuuming may also help to collect beetles in your home. The major complaint for this method is that the beetles become agitated and expel the yellow, foul-smelling repellent, which is then circulated into the air by the vacuum exhaust. Also, it is advisable to empty the bag and beetles after each vacuuming to prevent them from escaping back into the house. It is possible to capture the beetles inside a knee-high nylon stocking that has been inserted into the extension hose or wand and secured in place with a rubber band. As soon as the vacuum cleaner is turned off, be sure to remove the stocking so that the captured beetles cannot escape. As you remove it, the rubber band closes around the stocking, effectively "bagging" the lady beetles. You then can discard the contents of the stocking. This way you will not need to change the bag every time you vacuum every time.


How To Kill Asian Beetles - Get Rid of Asian Lady Beetles

Using pesticides may be the only solution for eliminating Asian beetles. Non-chemical control measures will provide some control, but spraying may be the only real solution.


Use Demand or Demon WP and spray on all baseboards, window sills, doorsills, and other areas where Asian beetles persist. A direct spray on the beetles provides the best results. Demand provides a longer residual since it is microencapulated, Demon WP provides a much quicker kill. Use a good quality sprayer such as the Ortho Heavy Duty Sprayer to provide a uniform spray pattern. Be sure to read and follow label directions on any pesticide that you use.

CB80 is a pyrethrum based aerosol handheld fogger that quickly kills large numbers of Asian beetles indoors. Simply aim the CB80 can at the ceiling of every room, push the button and fog the room for 3-5 seconds (average size room) and then close the door and leave for 2 hours. CB80 also works best when the fog is directed to the beetles such as corners of rooms, etc.

Trapper LTD glue traps can also be used to trap Asian beetles. Trapper LTD's are small glue traps that can be placed under lights on window ledges and other places to capture Asian beetles. Once the Trapper LTD is full, simply toss it in the trash and replace. We sell Trapper LTD's individually and by the case of 72. Keep plenty handy, especially if the Asian beetle population is very large. Trapper LTD's also work well to capture cockroaches, crickets, flies, mice, geckos, lizards and many other insect pests.


Use Demand or Demon WP outdoors to kill Asian beetles. Treating outdoor areas is very time consuming and getting the appropriate coverage over the area can be a real challenge. That's why we recommend the Solo Backpack Sprayer or the Solo Backpack Mister for applying outdoor pesticides. The Solo Backpack Mister blows a mist of pesticide up to 40 feet away. You can mist the tops of trees and even mist the entire outdoor walls of your home or building in just a matter of minutes. This is especially important since repeat treatments may be needed every few days or weeks during a heavy Asian beetle siege.

Whatever you decide to do, ePestSupply.com is here to help. Call us or email us if you have questions concerning Asian beetles and we will do everything we can to help you kill Asian beetles.

So until we get to Louisiana remember Dreams Do Come True.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Good News

When we got home from Wisconsin Sarah was not feeling well so she stayed away from the little ones and spent a lot of time at the camper. Finally, on Thursday, I took her to Urgent Care and the doctor said she had bronchitis, so he gave her a prescription and as of now, she is feeling much better.

We have had a great time this past weekend with the grandkids and especially little Eli. Last Friday we went to the Vala’s Pumpkin Patch here in Gretna. This is a 156-acre farm raising corn and pumpkins. Over the past 26 years, they have made this into quite an operation. “Every year we look forward to one whirl-wind month when guests visit Vala’s to experience a spectacular Fall Festival. People love the caramel apples, the hayrack rides, and the Pigtucky Derby Pig Races. But it’s the memories and traditions that keep them coming back. We take great pride in our role as a wholesome family entertainment destination and we hope to continue growing and improving year after year.” The kids really enjoyed their visit but they were tired when they left for home.

Saturday Daniel and I picked up our bikes and took them out to the camper. I wanted to buy a cover for them but no bike store had any so I had to order online. I hope it will do the job I want.

Sunday we went to Daniel’s to see the kids and be there when Ernie and Shirley came over. Daniel needed a truck to get a fridge from Marie’s grandmother’s house, Ernie has a truck, and he brought it over so we could use it to get the fridge. Daniel rented an appliance dollie and we were able to get it over to Daniel’s without it falling out of the truck.

With Marie’s mom out of town, we helped Marie with the kids yesterday. Carl and Merilee stopped by on their way home from visiting daughter Amy’s in Mitchell, SD. Merilee held Eli the entire time they were here, Eli seemed to enjoy the moment.

Today we drove to Des Moines so Sarah could keep her doctor’s appointment for her foot. The orthopedic doctor said the foot was healing as expected and the worker comp doctor said has a nice retirement. She still has to be careful walking because if she turns her ankle she could break her foot again in the same place. Therefore, she will stick to walking on flat surfaces for a while yet. We visited with Cynthia, ran a couple errands, and had lunch with her.

Now we are getting ourselves ready to hit the road next Wednesday. I want to get my satellite radio set up in the truck on a semi permanent basis and get the Pressure Pro devices on the camper tires and the trucks tires also. These devices measure the air pressure in the tires and help prevent blowouts by warning you when the tire pressure changes. I tried to install them once before and could not get it done so I am going to take another stab at it this week. Other than getting the propane tanks topped off and water in the fresh water tank we should be ready to roll come next Wednesday. Until later, Dreams Do Come True.