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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Berkshire-Hathaway meeting

This week was nothing but work, well actually we finished up scanning the last of the pictures and sorting the prints out as to who we give them to. This was finished by Tuesday and we have enjoyed the freedom of the night with nothing to do. So we went for a walk every night and just enjoyed not having to work on pictures.

Sarah and I went to Omaha last night so we would be there to go to the Berkshire-Hathaway stockholder's meeting. It was a neat event, we've gone to it the last three years, and I always end up spending money at these events. This year I bought Warren Buffett's favorite, peanut brittle, and several different types of See's Candies. I have been looking for a small air compressor to air up the fifth wheel hitch, it is an air ride hitch and I found one at the show for $30, the cheapest I could find online was a Craftsman at Sears for $50, so I bought the one at the show today.

There was also a cool Lionel train layout that was impressive to say the least. It had five or six different types of engines and cars, very nice. They also had two train simulators that were also cool.

Quite a few of the companies owned by Berkshire has a presence at the meeting. One of the noticable things was at the last two meetings M&M candies gave away samples, this year they didn't. DQ was there again and for a dollar you could buy either a blizzard or a dilly bar, of course I had the dilly bar. The money collected was donated to a local charity.
There was a completed home from Carlton Homes, two RVs from Forest River, shoes, Borsheim Jewelers, Pampered Chef and many others. It was fun to see.

We didn't go out to the airport this year to see the Net Jet planes, we went home and got the girls and went to Panera's to eat lunch.

All in all it was a good day.

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