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Our Home

Monday, April 19, 2010

Another Chapter Closed

What a weekend, the weather was beautiful and warm and it was great being outside when I could be. The apartment is now empty of our things. The maintenance guy has already begun painting and I would guess they will put new carpet in when he is done with that. So another chapter in our lives has ended.

Last Friday, I had a DIRECTV satellite put on the camper when I ordered it so last Friday I took the day off to have someone get it working. What a day that turned out to be. The installer came out at 8:30 am and started to do his thing. I ordered one TV to have a DVR and the other not to have one. When the installer came to where he was to activate the DVR he had to call DirecTV for a waiver because I would not be able to record and watch different channels at the same time. This is no big deal for me. The installing company said we would be able to get a waiver without any problem, well DirecTV says it is a problem, they won’t do it. So I told the installer to forget the DVR just give me a regular receiver. He headed back to the shop to get the new receiver. As he was driving he called his boss and told him what was going on and his boss said to turn around and go back he’d get the waiver. I was told it would take thirty minutes to two hours to get this all handled. No problem, I had things to do but nothing that was earth shaking. I waited all afternoon and no one called. Finally at four I called them and told my story to someone new and they said someone would be touch. It is now Monday and I still don’t have my TV hooked to satellite. I called this morning and again told my story, this time there was an excuse, DirecTV is having their annual meeting and the guy who can give the waiver is on an airplane. It is amazing that there is only one guy who can give waivers at DirecTV. We’ll see what today brings. Maybe I should have bought a Dish Network satellite. (DirecTV called tonight and we now have satellite TV on the big screen TV, Alleluia.)

We did go out to eat at Macaroni Grill Friday night, so the day was not a total loss. The dinner was great and my dining partner was gorgeous. Then it was off to Home Depot to find a product called Countertop Magic, it was recommended to use to clean the counters in the camper. We found it and headed home.

It is interesting in Howard’s posting today he said Home is where ever they are parked. That is something I believe and will try to reinforce in myself as we begin traveling. I will also train myself to call our dwelling home not camper. Camper somehow, in my mind, denotes temporary not long term and I am in this for as long a term as possible.

We have seen some of the campers in our campground with clothes drying racks attached to their ladders. Sarah says she wants one of them. I have gone on the internet to find one and there aren’t too many options I could find. Our neighbor as one but they made it out of PCV pipe, it look good but I am hoping I can buy one that won’t take up to much room.

Sunday we went shopping, Sarah to return a jacket and me to buy some short sleeve dress shirts to wear to work. We went into Younker’s, part of the Macy/Bergner chain of stores, I must say I do not like shopping but I needed shirts. I found the shirts, after asking someone where they were being hidden. Right in the middle of the floor, I swear they were long sleeve shirts when I looked at them before. The sign read half price, now that is what I liked, so I picked out five shirts and took them to the customer service counter. Usually when you go to pay for something in these stores you have to wait a while before someone sees you and then asks if they can help you. I always wanted to say, “No, I had nothing better to do today than to stand her and hold up this counter”. I never say it out loud but I am sure thinking about it.

Anyway, there were two gentlemen there and one asks if I am ready to check out. More thought go through my head but I try to hold my tongue. I said yes and he asked if I had a Younkers card, I told him I did but didn’t know here it was at. He said if I reactivated it I could get an additional twenty percent off my purchases that day. I may not like shopping but I do like to save money, bottom line when all was said and done I got enough discount that one of the shirts was free.

The camper is now becoming Home, we have boxes still to be put away but we are getting there. It is great, as I have said before Dreams Do Come True.

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