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Monday, April 12, 2010

What a Weekend

Friday night after work we picked up a U-Haul truck to take a bunch of things to Omaha. U-haul called me on Wednesday and asked if they could upgrade me to a bigger truck. It seems they had a truck come in from Lincoln, NE and wanted to get it back there as quick as possible, they would also take $20 dollars off the price. I immediately agreed to help them out. When I picked up the truck I also asked about a dollie and blankets. The rental agent put an appliance dollie on the truck, saying they had too many of them and if I took it with me I could use it, the same with the blankets on the truck.

So my brother, Jerry, met us at the apartment and we loaded all of the Omaha bound items on the truck and then a few items he wanted, he didn’t have any way to get them to his place so we took them over with the truck. Sarah came up with the idea of loading the truck with the Omaha items and then Jerry’s items, this worked out great. The truck had a half a tank of fuel and when I turned it in it needed to have a half a tank of fuel so we filled it up, $50 later we had a truck full of fuel and stuff.

We parked it over night at the apartment complex because I did not want to add miles to the truck and it would be just back tracking with it. So Saturday morning bright and early we were on the road to Omaha. We had a tail wind the whole trip and I was amazed at how well the truck ran, it had 187,000 miles on it, the radio did not work and there was a tear in the seat, other than that it ran well. With no radio I talked a lot to myself and sang whatever came to mind. I am no singer, I always say when it comes to music I couldn’t carry a tune if my life depended on it. I tried to learn the saxophone as a sophomore in high school, which lasted about a week; I wasn't really interested in it. I do wish I would have learned to read music, I would love to listen to piano music and have always thought about learning to play, but I have never followed through on it.

We had our taxes done and this is the first year in a long time we have received refunds from both Federal and State. I don’t do them anymore I don’t want to deal with the changes in the law and with traveling and workamping in the future it will be easier to send the accountant what we have and let him work his magic.

I have decided to get a Kindle, by doing so I will eliminate 3-5 boxes of books I have in the basement of the camper. I will have to buy the books I get rid of but they are old enough to where I should be able to get them free or for very little cost and I don’t have to buy them all at once. I wonder if you can download books from a library with the Kindle? From what I have read this is the way to go. Sarah says she wants an IPad, I don’t know about that but we may get her a Kindle also.

Tomorrow night we are going to go see about getting the Direct TV hooked up, I am taking Friday off and hope they can come out then to hook it all up. I want a receiver for both TVs but only one DVR, I’m not sure two would work anyway. I am told you need two wires coming from the dish and I don’t know how they wired the unit. So if all goes well Friday I will be watching satellite TV.

While we were in Omaha I drove out to the KOA in Gretna to see about sites for our visit to Omaha in September and October. I met Eric and he gave me the information I needed, so I walked over to the sites he indicated and picked the one we would want, it had a great view of the southern sky for the satellite. I gave him the dates we will be there and we are good to go.

I have our itinerary all planned in my head, other than Omaha I haven’t made any reservations elsewhere. We are going to Robert’s the first part of June so I will try to find someplace up there at that time.

We are loving our adventure and do believe Dreams Do Come True.


darrius said...

Get Sarah the ipad, it's going to put Kindle out of business.

David said...

Hey Ken - what are we chopped liver? How could you forget about us in Mt. Pleasant over July 4??????