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Sunday, September 5, 2010


This past week has been interesting from a couple of angles. It was our first full week in the retirement mode. I expected to get somewhat bored and was hoping I would find plenty to do. I was never bored and always had something to do. I read a good book by one of my favorite authors, Clive Cussler, The Chase, is a good book that takes a couple of twists and turns in it but a good story never the less. Two other books I have read the last couple of weeks are by Lisa Scottoline Silent Killers and Daddy’s Girl, both had an ending I did not expect or see coming. I am currently reading a John Jakes book, Charleston, so far it is pretty good. His books usually following a family over a hundred or so years with accurate historical facts for the most part, I enjoy them but sometimes they get to be a bit long. I am reading both off my Nook and some real books I kept because I couldn’t get rid of them.

We have had some very windy days and nights this past week. I don’t mind the weather but Sarah does have difficulty getting around very fast because of the crutches. One night we had severe weather around us but it never materialized here, except for wind. We had gusts of up to 45mph and it did rock the camper a bit. We slept ok, but when the wind begins to blow it is a different feeling.

Thursday I did the laundry; it was nice not having a lot of clothes. I am wearing t-shirts and shorts only, I did wear a pair of long pants to church but otherwise it is shorts. It took a little over an hour to get everything done and then Sarah helped fold it and I put it all away. I will be nice to have the washer in the camper fixed. We are taking the camper over to the dealer at Guthrie Center on the 13th for them to put the washer in the camper. The rest of the things to fix, minor ones, hopefully we can get into the factory before we head south.
Friday was a day of doing nothing, John located across the street from us, made me a sign with our name on it. It is nice, we attached it to the flag stand, it was on the hitch but the wind was strong today and blew it off. If I run across a better type holder I may get it but this will work for now.

Saturday I ran the vacuum cleaner, it is a built in and does a decent job.  I walked in the morning and again in the afternoon, went to church and came home and vegged out.

Today, Sunday, I walked after I got up then we had breakfast. The freezer needed defrosting so I did that, it took maybe a half hour, and then it was off to the grocery store. I did pretty good I got everything on the list plus a couple extra items, at least I thought I did good until I got home and realized I did not get any type of meat. I guess we will be vegetarians the most part of the week. I doubt that will hurt us any. I did remember the cookies though.

It is interesting how when I was working I woke up either at five or five-thirty without an alarm, now I sleep until seven-thirty with no problem.  I should get up earlier and walk and do reading etc. but I haven’t, at least not this past week, maybe now that we are in our second week of retirement maybe I need to be getting up earlier.  On second thought scratch that last sentence I may just keep sleeping in.

Not to exciting of a week but we enjoyed it.

Dreams Do Come True.

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Nikki said...

Hi Ken and Sarah-
I love reading your updates. Let me know if and when you head to Arizona.