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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Well day two of retirement and I can't imagine it getting any better than this. I find myself relaxing more and not worrying about anything. I finished another book today and will probably get another one done in a day or two, not that I am neglecting anything else, or Sarah, but I find myself enjoying it more and I am not in a "hurry" to finish it.

I am now the official Chauffeur of Sarah Jane, who would have thought such a thing could happen. I am happy to report her foot is healing and the surgeon said she should wear the boot and push gradual pressure on it. So we are thankful for that piece of good news.

Yesterday was spent going to doctors, today to relaxing. I received the hard drive I ordered to load all of the pictures I have onto it. I also got that job done, all pictures are loaded for them and they can do what they want with them.

Nothing else is going on today, just enjoying the time we have together.

Dreams Do Come True

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