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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hitch Itch

Now I understand what the term Hitch Itch really means, we are getting anxious to move to our next destination.

Last Saturday, 9/25, it rained all day and we didn't venture out except to go to church in the evening. The nice thing about a rainy day once in a while is you have the opportunity to get done whatever you have been putting off for so long.

Sunday, I made a meat loaf and put it in the crock pot for a couple of hours, it was delicious, I made enough to last all this week. Late afternoon Tiffany, Matt, Bryan and Alexa came by. It seems Alexa's school has the kids selling dough to make rolls. It won't be delivered until late in October so I asked Alexa what she liked and bought that and told her to keep it. It was good to see them, it will be March or April before we see them again.

Monday I began walking again, I have to lose some weight. Four laps around the perimeter of the campground equals three miles, so that is what I try to get in each day. So far so good.
Did some laundry and vegged out the rest of the day.

Tuesday we took the truck to Ankeny Auto Spa and had it washed, waxed and detailed, they did an good job on it. I wish I could find someone to wax the camper but I believe I will wait until we get to FL. Of course Tuesday night a new NCIS was on, in my opinion it is one of the best shows on TV.

Wednesday we finally made it to the DMV to get the address changed on our driver's license. We should have done it before now but I kept putting it off and we needed to get it done. The DMV is an interesting place to go, it is a great place to study human kind. I am always amazed at the different characters you see there. The amazing choices of dress people choose to wear out in public, there is an email running around on the internet showing the various choices of dress people choose to wear to Wal Mart. It isn't that bad but still fun to observe. We went early in the morning, there were three agents working and about fifteen customers to be helped, we were still there almost an hour. Then off to Wal Mart, Sarah has the idea she wants to make a tie blanket, it seems you buy material to make blankets and cut strips about four inches long around the perimeter of two pieces of material and tie the strips together forming a blanket. I guess they will hold together. In the evening we met Orren and Norma for dinner at Prarie Meadows Racetrack and Casino. We got there before they did so I went off to try my luck. I found a penny machine and inserted a twenty and began playing. It seems to make any money on the penny machines you have to play the max which actual cost fifty cents not a penny. I played four times at max play and I got some type of bonus thing, I didn't have a clue what to do next. I was pushing buttons and looking around when one of the employees must have seen my confusion and took pity on me. He helped me with what to do and I ended up winning twenty-five dollars. I played a couple more times and won another four dollars, I cashed it in because I knew if I kept playing I would lose it all. So our dinner didn't cost me anything. Wednesday is prime rib night at the casino and it was good. It is a buffet type setting and there is plenty to eat. We were there three hours and had a very enjoyable time. We always have a good time with Orren and Norma.

Today I wanted to go to the Iowa Military Museum, I have seen the signs for it for a long time and decided to go. So Sarah and I took off early this morning, didn't have any problem finding Camp Dodge but the museum isn't the easiest building to find. They are a work in progress but they had a lot of items already on display. Outside they have a series of tanks ranging from very old to fairly recent and what I believe is a F100 Super Sabre jet plane. Inside the exhibits are still being built on a lot of the displays but it is still worth a visit. There is one room that has a large exhibit of military rifles and pistols. There was one exhibit where someone donated there medals and I thought my brother Larry should donate his dress uniform with all his medals and ribbons it would be an impressive display.

Then we stopped at Starbucks so Sarah could use the gift card Mason and Madyson gave her for Mother's Day. Sarah got her coffee and also bought a batch of coffee to make at home. That will keep her wired when she drinks it.

We came home and I worked on some things on the computer. I found a disk that had some old files for the Family Tree Genealogy program we have. I tried to merge a couple families and it confuse things so I wanted to find the files for before I merged them. I lucked out and found some files I had saved on a disk in 2005, these turned out to be what I was looking for, now I will work to update all those files.

We have an appointment at Bob & Jo's, where we bought the camper, for them to look at the furnace, as you know it isn't working. I did work Monday night but not since, so I sent an email wanting to know how soon we could get in to get it looked at, they set an appointment for 9 am on Oct 8th. We will begin our prep work the day or two before and leave here by 7:30 am on the 8th. Once the furnace is fixed we will continue to West Omaha KOA in Gretna, NE. We will be there a bit over a month, with a week in WI without the camper.

So until next time, Dreams Do Come True.

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