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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sarah is getting better

This has been a beautiful day I slept until eight, I have decided I shouldn’t be sleeping this long but I don’t know if I want to get up earlier. I might try getting up at 6:30 but then I might not either.

Monday we took the camper over to Bob & Jo’s the dealer we bought the camper from to have them take out the washer and dryer that wasn’t working and put in the new Whirlpool wash and dryers the factory sent to replace the old ones. The technicians that did the replacement were very good, they did it within the time they said they would and even fixed another small problem we had in the unit. The biggest problem they ran into was the old washer vent was at the top of the dryer and the new dryer has the vent at the bottom so they had to cut a hole in the side of the unit. The good news of this is the factory will patch the old hole with fiber glass when we visit them. We ran the washer and dryer today and what a difference they are from the old ones.  So much quieter you don’t even know they are working. It is nice to have the ability to wash in the unit. Friends Russ and Candi called and wanted to go out to eat at Smokey D’s BBQ, we did and it is a great place to eat. When In Des Moines stop and eat at http://www.smokeydsbbq.com/.

Tuesday, Sarah had two doctor appointments the first was at the orthopedic surgeons, he said she could get rid of the crutches and go to a cane, he said the fracture doesn’t show any clear bone growth but he is not seeing anything that isn’t good news so Sarah has an appointment on October 5th. Next we went to the worker comp doctor and he gave Sarah the same instructions, get rid of the crutches and go with a cane. So we went and bought one and Sarah seems to like it much better than the crutches. We received a call from long time friends Orren and Norma; they wanted to go out to eat, so we did. We went to Fuddruckers, we split the Nacho’s and some onion rings this turned out to be way too much to eat but I did make a good dent in it.

Today was laundry day. We are still waiting for the call from Omaha saying get over her the baby is on the way. So I took the towels and clothes over to the laundry and Sarah did the whites with our new washer, but we got it done. I wanted to have it done so when the call comes we can have clean clothes.  This afternoon we sat outside with the neighbors and visited, it was great.

This past weekend the local Lion's Club held a cow pasture golf day.

A week ago I saw the owner on a tractor mowing the pasture for the golf outing. They cut holes for each of the eighteen flags to go in and then on last Friday there was an army of guys with riding lawnmowers cutting out the fairways and greens. Here are a couple pictures:

I hope they had other facilities on the course than this one, a person would lose all sense of modesty with this one wouldn't they.

This last picture shows the 13th hole and behind it to the right of the road is a pond that tells me if you over shoot the hole and the ball lands in the water you better not go get it.

Now some pictures of the campground starting with our camper and truck:

We are having a great time in them and look forward to many years of such.
More pictures of the campground;

This is the front of the newer clubhouse, on the right is the laundry area, the middle door is the game room and  the way to the showers and the door on the left is the club room.

The back of the clubhouse.
then we have the moose and the bear.

I like this picture, but it was difficult to get the eagle to sit still to take this picture.

Anyway this is a beautiful campground and I would recommend it to anyone needing a place to stay in the Des Moines area.

Well that is it for today remember Dream Do Come True.

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