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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy Birthday to Eli Daniel Hoenig

We got up Friday morning with the temperature outside at 50 degrees so I turned on the heat pump, nothing, I tried the furnace and it came on for a few seconds but then shut itself off. I tried the heat pump and it did the same thing. So I waited a bit and tried them both again and the same thing happened. It warmed up during the day and I was ok. I emailed the service center at the factory and thought I’d wait to hear from them, we have a small electric heater I got out and it warmed the place up so we weren’t cold anymore, but Saturday morning the same thing so I called the dealer. They told me to check the wiring and make sure there were no loose wires. Since it was raining I told them I would wait until it quit raining. It rained all day Saturday so the day was a bust as far as pulling a bunch of items out of the basement and then crawling in there to see if the furnace had any loose wires.

Sunday, it was raining so no checking for loose wires. I went and put gas in the car and got my free paper, I haven’t paid for a paper in a long time. At the Kum & Go gas stations here you get a free paper with a fill up.

Sarah’s brother Bill and wife Mable were going to be in Ottumwa and so we decided to drive down to see them, Cynthia went along with us. Ottumwa is a little over an hour away but it was rainy and foggy the whole trip which was fine because there isn’t anything to see between here and there. We had a good visit with them and topped it off with going to Hy-Vee and had desert. Well, I bought three egg rolls; I was hungry, and a piece of chocolate cream pie. It was all good and along with the good company, life is good.

Still not call from Omaha, so I guess we will stay put until the call comes. We are not moving the camper but I do not want to go over to soon either because Sarah needs to be careful how much she is on her foot and I am afraid she would not watch that if we go over there to soon.

Today, Monday, I got up at seven and did my three laps around the park, took a shower and had breakfast. Then I decided to look at the furnace and see if there were any loose wires, there were not any. Our neighbor Dick came over and he looked at the setup for the thermostats and we decided to turn the air conditioner on and try to get it below 70 in the camper and then see if the furnace would come on.

Tuesday, we finally got the call Marie was going to go to the hospital and our grandson will be born soon. We left Des Moines about 10 am and arrived in Omaha a bit after noon. I went to Sonic and got lunch for everyone, it was good.

Eli Daniel Hoenig was born at 5:14 pm, weighing 8 lbs 14 ozs, 20 inches, black hair, blue eyes.
Eli and his sisters Emily and Isabel. I don't think Eli will lack for attention.

Grandma and her helpers.

Grandpa couldn't get any help.

Both mom and baby are doing great. Congratulations to Marie and Daniel, you have a handsome baby and he is cute as a bug's ear.

Thursday, the baby and mom came home today. Sarah and I went to see Marie's grandmother Jewel today, she is in an assisted living facility recuperating from back surgery. It was good to see her and she really looked good for having had back surgery within the last week.

We head back to Des Moines tomorrow, we still have a problem with the furnace I want to get back to getting a solution to the problem. Either way we will probably be in Omaha before Oct 15th.

Dreams Do Come True


KevinMattson said...

Dear Friends. We have had TWO Grandbabies in the past several weeks. And ours are nearly as cute as yours. What joy to have such precious competition!

Janie and John said...

Congratulations! :) He is beautiful. Hope you get a solution to the furnace. We have the fireplace which is also an electric heater and we have used it several mornings. Fall is definitely here.