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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Another day of moving resulting in a sore body. Toddy time tonight, I haven't had this much to drink in years but it sure relaxes me. Anyway, I visited the accountant today to drop off a voided check, to my surprise we get refunds this year. We haven't had a refund in years. This will be added to our investments to help us in our adventures.

I have to buy a new printer to fit in a certain space in the camper. The printer I have is to big. You would think that one would be easy to find on the internet but not the case. So I am on the hunt for one with certain demensions. I will continue tomorrow and see what the local stores have to show me.

I took the F350 today and Sarah drove herself today, I wanted to wash the truck and fill it with fuel, I didn't get it washed. I came back to the camper and went to get a LP tank filled, the milk carton idea worked great. Anyway the truck is ready for the buyer, Merlin will be here this weekend to pick it up. It should make him a good truck and do a good job pulling his fiver.

The campground has a third party for wifi, I checked on it today, it costs basically a dollar a day unless you go for three months or longer. I have a verizon air card and so I don't beleive I'll do that but I may if we use to much of our 5 gb a month. We'll have to see what happens.

I am a NCIS junkie, since we don't have cable anymore and I haven't activated the Direct-TV yet, I am only able to watch it on Tuesday and Thursday. I do enjoy that show.

Tomorrow I need to take Sarah to work then I have to find some boxes to pack the paintings and other pictures.

I looked for a bike rack today to carry our bikes on the back of the camper. I talked to a guy at the Bike World shop and he said it isn't a good idea to carry a bike on the back of the camper. At the same time he showed me a rack that others have used without incident, the problem is it costs $450. I don't believe we would ride the bikes enough to justify spending that kind of money. So I think we will take them to Omaha and maybe sell them on Craig's List, if Daniel can't use them.

I brought the desktop, monitor and printer to the camper, I am taking them to Mason in Beloit. He is getting old enough to get on line, Robert says he already gets on line to play games now. They will love it.

One more day before having to go back to work. I am going to enjoy it.

Dreams Do Come True.

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