Our Home

Our Home

Thursday, March 25, 2010

It happened we picked up our new Excel this morning. I can't say enough about Bob & Jo's RV in Guthrie Center, IA, they are great. They de-winterized the unit and checked it all out for us yesterday so it would be ready for us when we arrived this morning. We got there about 9:10 and for the next couple of hours we learned about the unit. Then we hooked up and was on our way. Oh, we did buy a couple of lounge chairs Sarah wanted. The drive to Griff's RV Park was about a 60 mile drive and the unit pulled very nice and the F550 pulled as I expected it would.
We parked the unit in B5 and with a couple of minor adjustments we parked it exactly where we wanted it. Even though the site is a drive thru I had to pull up and back in to get as close to the edge of the pad as needed.
Then it was one trip with the truck and car to begin the process of moving in. Sarah lined the shelves with shelf paper and I messed with the radio. Some stations come in nicely others not so good, I need to hook up my satelitte radio tomorrow.
I am beat tonight and plan on hitting the sack early.
Until later be assured Dreams Do Come True.


hognfrog said...

Ken & Sarah,
Glad to see you are finally making the big break. I will try and follow you thru cyberspace on your new adventure.
Jim A

Mel said...

Wow Uncle Kenny, how cool!! I can't wait to read about all of your adventures!!