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Our Home

Friday, March 26, 2010

2nd Day

Day two arrived with a nice blue sky at 32 degrees. We were up fairly early and began loading up boxes with kitchen items. You really don't know what you have until you try packing it. I am not a fan of moving but this is a great move and I have been anticipating it for a long time. Cnythia came over and help load the boxes and off we went to the camper to unload. The day went well and we were able to get most of the boxes unpacked but we still have one chair and the sofa full of STUFF to find a place for. Oh well there is always tomorrow.
It has been very windy the last two days and it is suppos to rain tomorrow. My brother Larry is coming up tomorrow to pick up the wash/dryer. The maintenance folks at the apartment complex removed the set from the closet it was in, they didn't unstack them. I hope Larry and I can figure that out.
My body aches in places I forgot existed. So I fixed myself a big stiff drink. It is amazing how it makes you feel. I still ache but I really don't care.
I need to get the camper on water tomorrow and then try to figure out how much propane we have left in the tanks. It isn't supppose to freeze but below 60 degreees is still cold. It has to get warm one of these days.
Remember - Dreams Do Come True.


darrius said...

You're gonna put the camper on the water tomorrow? Better make sure it floats first! DB

Janie and John said...

So Happy to see you posting now that you are moving in. We were going to wait until around April 15th to pick up our rig but with the weather getting better we may go this weekend. Our biggest obstacle is not having a FHU park in the area, but I think we can make it work, We'll be reading your progress. Glad you got to meet Rich - he's a character.