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Our Home

Monday, March 29, 2010

Almost done with the move

A picture of the unit fifth wheel;

I am still learning on to do some of this site, I will put more pictures in of the unit as we go along. Right now there are boxes in the living room and hallway so we have a ways to go before we are totally moved in. I am beat, I knew it would be a some work to move but I did not think it would be this difficult. I guess age does slow a person down, my mind tells me I am 29 and my body tells me I am 80.

We don't have much room left in the fifth wheel so what is left in the apartment may get throw in the dumpster. It still amazes me how much stuff we have and how seldom we have used some of it. I still haven't been able to sell the Larry Zack paintings so I guess I'll store them with Daniel's in Omaha.

Jerry, my brother, came to the apartment today and took the bed, he brought his son Jeremy to help. Tiffany and Matt will be back on the elevnth to get the sofa, a chair and a couple of bookshelves and whatever else they want. I am going to rent a truck to take a load of furniture to Daniel in Omaha. I am glad we have a place to put it.

I woke up this morning with a cold nose, maybe it is because I am healthy, but actually the camper was at 53 degrees. I turned on the fireplace but the fan didn't continue blowing long enough, I will have to look at the manual again. I took Sarah into work and then did some errands. I returned home about noon and turned on the heat pump to warm up the place. It did the trick and before long I was warm as toast. I did some investigating on why the furnace didn't work and to my unsurprise a LP tank was empty. I switched over to the other tank and the furnace worked fine. So tomorrow one of my chores is going to get the LP tank filled. I have never transported a 30 lb LP tank to be filled so I asked my neighbor Dick. He said he use to put the tank into a milk carton and secured it into the back of his pickup with bunges cords. I am going to try that tomorrow.

Time to go - Dreams Do Come True

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