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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Dreary Day

It’s raining outside which fits my mood today. I haven’t felt good since yesterday but nothing drastic just a blah feeling. I didn’t get up until 11:30 this morning, I don’t believe I have ever slept 12 hours before without waking up. I still don’t feel great but I am doing nothing today but sit around and watch NCIS, I want to feel good to watch the Super Bowl tomorrow.

But enough about that, we had a great time in Orlando. We left on Tuesday and stayed at Star Island, Mark & Sharon have a time share and were able to a two bedroom unit for us to stay at for our stay in Orlando.

Tuesday night we went to the Arabian Nights dinner theater. The dinner was pretty good, I had steak, mashed potatoes, broccoli, shrimp and cheesecake. You get wine or beer as part of the meal, they have soda in pitchers on the table. The show was ok, it was the story of a young princess and her dreams of a young prince with the genies thrown in for good measure. The horses were beautiful and they did the normal things when you see a show with horses in it. All in all it was fun and a good time.

DSCN0712Prince and princess.

DSCN0733One of the performers behind us.

Wednesday we spent the day at Epcot. It has been 15 years since we had been there so I was anxious to what changes had been made. After getting over the shock of a $175 entrance fee for two we took the obligatory pictures at the entrance.DSCN0737

The first attraction we saw was the Spaceship Earth. This ride takes you up in the sphere on a journey showing the history of communication for the human race. It was quite interesting, you have your picture taken while sitting in your personal transport car for the journey. Anyway the ride was very interesting and informative.

Next was the Universe of Energy, this attraction uses Ellen DeGeneres as the host and your journey takes you through the development of fossil fuels and what types of energy it will be. It was humorous and entertaining. You sit in large vehicles and they move though a series of scenes using video and sculptures to make the point. It was a fun ride.

Mission: Space gives you the choice of three experiences, Green is an intense ride, Orange is less intense and Mission Control is has no intensity here you use a computer to control a space ship. I chose Orange because I know Sarah doesn’t like a lot of rides. So we get in line and to go on our mission. The line moves forward and we were placed on number four, there are five numbers. These numbers designate whether you are pilot, navigator, engineer and I don’t remember the rest. Sarah and I were navigators our job was to push a button when told to do so. All of the fours got into a chamber, simulating a space craft, you get into the simulator and pull the harness type contraption down, it is tight and inhibiting. I get claustrophobic but I was able to handle it. This ride was not that intense but it was exciting and quite a ride. If you get to Epcot it is a must ride but go for the Green ride it will be an interesting experience.

The next ride was the Test Track, a must experience. Sarah didn’t want to go on this one so Mark and I did. I chose the individual ride, I figured you rode by yourself but this choice is where they place you in a car to fill it up, six to a vehicle. The ride takes you through a test track, brake test, heat and cold test, collision test and then the speed test. You get up to 65 mph before the ride comes to an end, a very exhilarating ride. This exhibit is presented by GM, they have a lot to see including new model cars you can look at and do a touch and feel on them.

We visited most of the countries at Epcot, ate lunch in Germany, meals are quite expensive in Epcot but I knew that from the beginning. Our meal at Germany was two brats, two drinks and one desert, cost $23 dollars. They had a lunch buffet costing $23 each we had the brats instead.

DSCN0751This is Germany, the buildings for each country are based on the architecture of the home country. The workers are residents of those countries.

DSCN0761This was China, we didn’t do anything in this country.

We left Orlando and got home Thursday afternoon about two.

I had been having problems with my computer so I decided to reload Windows 7 on my laptop. I began at 3 pm and finally went to bed at 1:30 am and the computer was still working on the reload. Friday morning when I got up it was done doing its thing and has been working great since.

We are beginning to get our destinations set for the summer and reservations done where needed. This will be a work in progress until we leave and even we adjust as we travel. Love this life style and hope to be able to do it for years.

Dreams Do Come True

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Janie and John said...

I had no idea that Epcot was so expensive to get in. Now I am not in as much of a hurry to go there.