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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Nice Day in Florida

It has been a nice day today, reached about 70 with a light wind so it made being outside very enjoyable.  Mark and I did ride our bikes for about 35 minutes. My backside gets to hurting and I have to quit I can’t seem to find the right position to sit and there aren’t too many positions except upright. I would never be able to ride across the state or any rides longer than 20-25 miles. Oh well, I don't believe I will ever be doing that anyway.

Of course today was $2 hotdogs, actually $2.50 because I have to have a cookie. Today it cost me $25 because there are also T-shirts for sale and Sarah bought one for each of us. Now the $2.50 is each but I get the chili dog, chips, soda and cookie. My brother-in-law said all I talk about in my blog is about food items getting taken care of in the camper. Well……I guess he is right I do like food so he will have to skip over those parts of the blog.

Facebook – I had someone write me about Facebook and the amount of time people spend on it. I suppose some people spend more time on it than they should but then I spend a lot of time on the computer playing games, Bejeweled 3, my brother got me onto this one and it is addictive. I also spend a lot of time reading and some days taking Sarah shopping, she shops I try to find a place to sit and read. Anyway, a person has to be careful what they put on Facebook, especially if you are young, according to some newspaper articles I have read lately Facebook is one of the online locations prospective employers will go to for information about applicants. So be careful what you put on your Facebook account.

My birthday came and went without to much fanfare. Thank you for all the birthday wishes. We went to Mark and Sharon's for a Super Bowl party and they had a cake for me and sang Happy Birthday.  Otherwise I don't give or get gifts anymore, if I want something I go buy it and Sarah does the same. So on my birthday I went the Verizon store and switched our cell phone service to Verizon. All of my reading and research says they have the best coverage of all the carriers, I have the Verizon USB connector for our internet service and I have not had any place yet we couldn't connect to the internet. I have had to many instances of not being able to make a call etc. So I bought a Motorola Droid x phone and Sarah got a flip phone, anyway her phone worked great mine didn't work at all. The phone would come on if you took the battery out and put it back in, the phone would come on do one function and then lock up. So I took it back today and the young man who sold me the phone and he exchanged it for a new one. This one works great, I like the bigger screen, 4.3 inches, and the concept of the whole thing. So that was my birthday present to myself. I am now loading all sort of free apps onto the phone. Android phones don’t have the number of apps for them the IPhone has but with time I believe they will be right up there in the count.

Last night we went to the Circus Sarasota. Sarasota was the winter home of the Ringling Circus and still has a big circus presence here. We had a great time, they had about 10 acts and a couple of them were fantastic. I haven't been to a circus in 20 years, the last time was in Baraboo, WI when the boys were young, so it was fun to be there and especially listen to the kids laugh. I remember watching the circus come into Burlington, the trains would park on the tracks at  the river front by Memorial Auditorium and off load the railcars there. Then they would parade through town out to the old fairgrounds and set up the tents etc. Anything like that would be cost prohibitive today, but it sure is great memories.

DSCN0831The clowns are the ones dressed funny: from L-R, clown, Sharon Rexroth, Sharon & Mark Brueck, clown, Sarah & I.

DSCN0789This is our local alligator, this picture was taken behind the camper two doors down from us, I’ll bet you could get a couple pair of shoes out of him. I offered to help Sarah over the fence to get a closer picture but she declined.

We have only three weeks left here before we head back to Louisiana for Mardi Gras and then north. We will be in northern KS at the end of April and I know it will still be chilly then, if not cold. So I am in pre-travel mode, I start thinking about what route to take and how long to take to get there. The only thing we have going on between now and the end of Feb is a trip to St Augustine, FL. I have never been there and am looking forward to it. Mark and Sharon have a place they like to stay at on Daytona Beach so we will spend two nights there before returning to Sarasota.

We plan to leave here March 1st and be in Thibodeaux, LA on the 3rd, we will be there a week and then it is off to Houston. The plan is to stay at the San Jacinto Riverfront RV Resort for a week visiting friends and seeing Houston. Then we are north bound with a stop in Dallas for a few days, we have to be in Smith Center, KS at the Excel service center so they can patch the old dryer hole in the side of the camper. I read they now have automatic shades for the inside of the camper, I wonder if those can be retrofitted. After the repairs are done it is back to Iowa for a few weeks. We will get some appointments done and be on our way again.

That is it for now remember Dreams Do Come True.

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