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Monday, January 31, 2011

Greetings from Sunny Florida

My sympathies to all of you in the frozen north. I feel your pain of the cold weather and all the shoveling you are having to do, but only until the temps here get above 60, it is 58 at this moment.

Not much exciting going on here. Last Thursday Mark and I went to Wally World and had lunch at Hungry Howies, it is a pizza buffet place, not bad and plenty to eat. The ladies were taking a beading class, that is why we were able to get away for a while.

Friday was a day of catching up, in fact I finished a book I was reading, it is on the Nook. I really like that thing, it is easy to read and compact. I believe I have stated this before, Barnes & Noble have free book Fridays and I get all of them some I don’t read others I do, like the one I just finished. It is the “Billy Boyle” series by James R. Benn, the first one was free and I bought the rest. It is a clever marketing scheme, give the first book of a series away free and hook the reader and they buy the rest. I have done that to several authors.

Saturday we went to the beach. The temps were in the low 70s so I thought ok shorts. I was ok until the sun started to get lower in the sky and the temps began to cool as the wind came in off the gulf, I started getting cold. We all began to get cold and went to the car. (There is a coastguard C-130 doing touch and goes at the airport so on the takeoff the plane comes right over our camper, cool.) Anyway here are a couple pictures from the beach.


Life of leisure.

Now a couple pictures of the sunset.


Well one of Sarah, Sharon and Mark.

Now the sunset.

DSCN0653DSCN0655DSCN0656DSCN0658The colors are very vivid, I don’t believe pictures can do justice.

Tonight we go out to eat at the Outback with Mark & Sharon, Bobbi and Coco folks we have met through Mark & Sharon. We are celebrating Sarah and my 35th wedding anniversary. I know, most of you will wonder how she has put up with me over the years, must be my charm. I really believe it is because she was very patient and tolerant of my miscomings, times when I wasn’t home for whatever reason and Sarah IS very patient with me, I am amazed and very happy she has this ability. So I hope the next 35 years will be smoother but just as good as the next 35 years. Sarah, you have made the last 35 years go by smoothly and without you we wouldn’t be where we are today, I love you.

Dreams Do Come True


Carol and Johnny said...

Thanks for the hint about Barnes and Noble's Free Fridays. Johnny got me a Nook for Christmas and I'm loving it! Happy Anniversary!

Janie and John said...

Beautiful photos today, what an incredible sunset. We are certainly lucky no to be in Iowa right now! Happy Anniversary to you both!