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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Last Week

Monday, not much going on, recouping from our trip to Daytona Beach, laundry and related tasks. Mark and I did go for a bike ride. We haven’t ventured to far off the reservation, RV Park, but we do go out and get on the sidewalk going down to the dog track. It might just be me but there can be no wind inside the park and as soon as we turn onto the sidewalk and head west the wind picks up and it kills my legs. I suppose if I lost a few pounds it might be easier to deal with but….

Tuesday, the temps finally reached a level where it was comfortable sitting outside. I rolled out the awning, actually I pushed a button and it came out by itself, pulled out the chairs, those I have to set up myself what drudery. Then I got my book and sat outside and read, oh the joys of warm weather.

Wednesday, more the same of Tuesday except we went to the late afternoon showing oh the last Harry Potter movie. The movie cost $2 before six but after six it jumps to $2.50. Now granted they don’t charge you much to get into the movie but watch your wallet if you want to get a beverage or popcorn. The small combo was only $4.50, if you only wanted a small soda it was $4 so the popcorn is a good buy. I didn’t even ask what the price was on candy.

The movie was good and ended exactly where I thought it would, so now the wait is for Part II. Or has it already come out? The theaters are old but clean so it is a good way to spend a few hours.

Thursday, a good bike ride of over 8 miles, my backside can’t take much more than that, a walk with Sarah and a trek around the outlet mall at Ellenton, FL, made up my day. Oh also some of the best ice cream around at Kilwin’s, I may have to see if they are a stock company and buy stock if we stay much longer.

Friday, another day of warm weather and reading, I haven’t read as many books as I thought I might but I have read three or four. I spend to much time on the computer, a lot of it playing Bejeweled 3, it is very addictive.

I have been reading a book about the Cajuns who reside mostly in Acadiana Louisiana. I expressed and interest in learning more about the people who settled in Acadiana from Nova Scotia and Jessica, great-niece, loaned me one of her books explaining this piece of history. The Cajuns, Americanization of a people by Shane K. Bernard is a text book and a bit slower read than a novel. World War II played the a big role in Americanizing the Cajuns. The advent of television and the role of radio has had a very great role in bringing the “outside” world to the folks in Acadiana. Up till the beginning of WWII most young people spoke French and English, with the beginning of WWII the state dictated English to be the only language spoken in schools. Some schools took this as a mandate to punish students who were caught speaking French in school. The culture of the Cajuns changed when the GI’s came home from the war and because of German and Italian prisoners of war being held in Acadiana.

I still have a ways to go to finish the book, I don’t know if I will be done with it by the time we get back to Louisiana, 10 days from now, but I hope to finish it. I am reading a couple more books at the same time both on the Nook and physical books. I picked up one I had started some time ago and began reading it but I couldn’t remember what I had read to that point so I started the book all over again. I have to do that some times.

Sarah has me walking a couple of times a day. Usually Mark and I go bike riding but his son and family are here visiting so I haven’t been riding, this gives Sarah license to harass me to go walking with her. So I do and we usually walk the circumference of the park. We did this twice yesterday, if I don’t watch out I’ll become and exercise nut.

Saturday and Sunday were days of not doing much. I may have mentioned this before, I was told all a person needs to know when retired is the big paper comes on Sunday. There are days I wonder what day of the week it is but that does not occur that often yet.

Monday I relented and told Sarah I would go shopping with here again. Mark and Sharon decided to go along so off we go to one of the many malls in this area. Actually it was not bad for two reasons, I found some shorts at Penny’s and Mark was there for someone to talk too. I also found a quick connect for the air compressor at Sears so it was a good day for me.

Tuesday we had to go back to the mall so Sharon and Sarah could return some clothes they bought the day before. I don’t return clothes they either fit or they don’t. If they don’t fit Sarah returns them for me I hate shopping but I hate returning things worse.

Sarah and I had also bought Madyson and Alexa’s birthday gifts so how do we get the gifts to them. Oh I know we can ship them, but we don’t have a box to put them in, so Tuesday Mark took me to the UPS store, I knew it was going to cost me some money but I never thought it would cost me more than we paid for the gifts. I didn’t have any boxes so I decided this was the best scenario, except I just thought of something I should have gone to Lowes or one of those stores and bought a couple boxes, it might have been cheaper I don’t know. So future forward we are going to have to come up with an alternative plan.

That’s all the excitement here. We are getting into a travel frame of mind, I am looking at campgrounds to stop at on our way to Thibodaux, LA. We leave Monday and I am giving us plenty of time to get there, we are going to go through New Orleans, I really don’t want to but it is the best route and we should get there in the middle of the day so hopefully it won’t be too bad.

Until later remember – Dreams Do Come True.


Mary said...

Ken, It was nice to hear from a classmate.Hope your dream keeps going.Tell Mark I said Hi.Georgia (Heuvelmann)Keitzer and Ann(Behne)Gerst and I go to lunch once a month to keep up on new. You can keep me on your blog list.Enjoy your retirement,I am even thought I lose my soul mate.I still have my children and grandchildren to keep me going. Mary Rose

Janie and John said...

Sounds like you are having a good time. Safe travels next week. We landed in Tucson and may stay until mid March when we will start the trek back to Iowa (very slowly-need to make sure all the snow is gone.)