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Monday, February 28, 2011

Last Days in Sarasota

We spent the last few days in Sarasota as we began we went places, except for Wednesday and Thursday we didn’t do much. I helped Mark to hone his computer skills and I loaded a couple games on his computer, these games will get him addicted to them. One is Bejeweled 3, Sarah and I play the game more than we should but it is a good time killer or I’ll play it while watching TV. It is a good thing I am retired, oh wait a minute I was doing the same thing when I was working. Isn’t life great?

Friday we went to the Red Barn Flea Market, http://www.redbarnfleamarket.com/index.aspx, I didn’t see any fleas there but maybe I wasn’t looking in the right places. It is hard to believe Mark & Sharon had never been there before. We went on Friday after lunch but we got a later start than we wanted and we only had a couple of  hours before they closed at four. Of course Mark and I were devastated we couldn’t stay any longer. Within the short time we were there Mark & I had traversed the entire complex, split a funnel cake and I even bought a couple of items. Needless to say Sharon & Sarah never got through the first aisle, I believe they spent most of the time in a bead shop, they did buy a couple things so I guess they used their time wisely. When it was time to go the girls wanted to go back on Saturday.

Saturday Mark & I dropped the ladies off at the Red Barn and said we will see you at four, then Mark and I headed for the Verizon Store. I had switched to Verizon the first week of February and the phone was working fine until a couple weeks ago, it would automatically answer any call I received and put the call on the speaker phone. So a visit to the store was in order. We got there and waited about 30 minutes before we were helped, they were quite busy. Anyway what we ended up doing was restoring the phone to factory specs, but we backed everything up and it is working the way it is suppose to now.

Sunday was the day we started to get the camper ready to move. First thing I did though was fuel up the truck, $3.79/gal and I guess it will go higher but we’ll deal with it. Next Mark & I installed all of the Pressure Pro monitors on the truck and camper, I don’t have any on two of the trucks tires because the air valve is pointing the wrong way, I’ll get that taken care of this summer. Pressure Pro monitors the tires air pressure and will warn sound a warning if the pressure goes below a certain point, indicating the tire is going flat. This will allow you to slow down and change the tire before it can do damage to the vehicle. Then it was time for a last bike ride before putting them on the bike rack. Mark and I rode approximately 123 miles, not a lot by some standards but we had fun riding.

Today was D-Day, the day when I would find out if I could get the camper out of the site without hitting anything. Before I could do all that I had to get the various hoses, wires etc. unhooked, disconnected from the mother ship Sarasota Lakes. Tony, who lives across the street, was gracious enough to move his truck which gave me a lot more wiggle room and we extracted the camper with relative ease. Then it was time for goodbyes, our neighbors, Paul & Judy and Kathy & John, then there were a few tears saying good bye to our long time friends Mark & Sharon. We checked the lights and made our way to the office so we could turn in our gate key and get our deposit back. We hit the road at about 8:45 and had an uneventful trip to our stop for the night at Jellystone RV Park in Madison, FL.

We will spend tomorrow night at a park by Foley, AL and see Dave & Sheri also long time friends, then Thibodaux, LA Wednesday afternoon.

Dreams Do Come True

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Janie and John said...

Sounds like you have had a great time in Florida.