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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Isn’t Life Great

What a life, we are having a great time and enjoying every minute of it. The weather has been good, we had rain the other night and that is all the rain we have had so far. It has been 50/50 for sun or clouds  but I have not used the furnace at all. I have turned the heat pump on and it runs some but not much. Have I said I love this life?

We got the truck back Wednesday, it seems some o-rings were bad which did not allow enough oil pressure to build for the fuel to get to the injectors, or something like that. The truck seems to run a bit quieter than before, so time will tell if that was the problem, it did get rid of the “no start” problem.

Went to Hungry Howie’s Pizza place Thursday night, $5.99 for a buffet, not a bad price and the pizza was pretty good also. I ate to much as usual.

Yesterday, Sarah and I went to the VA Clinic so I could get my flu shot. I know I should have gotten it before now but there just didn’t seem to be time. Anyway, I go in and give them my VA card and they say I am not in there system. I tell them that is correct my home base is Iowa and all I want is a flu shot. They take some information from me and ask us to take a seat. Forty five minutes later I go up to the counter and ask when I would be seen, the said “Oh, have a seat with Jim”, fifteen minutes late Jim is done typing something into the computer and puts my name and SSN and a couple of other pieces of information and says, you aren’t in our system. I know, I said, all I want is a flu shot. Jim calls someone and asks them to do a “hick” and it prints to Jim’s printer, he gives me the paper and says go up stairs and see if they can give me the shot, even though the clinic doesn’t begin until 1:30, it is now 12:15. I go upstairs and explain all I want is a flu shot and the receptionist asks one of the nurses, she says she is on lunch, she goes into a back room and I could hear her explaining what I want and one of the men says he will take care of me. I don’t remember his name, he was a navy medic and now he is an LPN with the VA, he gives me the  shot and we are on our way.

Now this took about an hour and a half, I could have gotten my shot when Sarah got hers but I didn’t want to spend 10 minutes filling out the questionnaire they wanted me to fill out and Medicare would have paid for it. But I really didn’t have anything else to do and I got my name in their system if I need to go back to them.

Last night we went to Mark and Sharon’s and played the game Sequence, we had a great time, I don’t remember who won the most games, guys or gals, but we had fun. I do need to find the larger mat so the cards are easier to see.

Today I went to get on my bike to go for a ride with Mark and the rear tire was flat. Now contrary to some people, there is not weight limit on the tires, the tube had a hole in it. I had to go to a bike shop to get a new tube because the number on the tub didn’t give me any help on what I needed. I bought two tubes one for now and one for the a future need. I fixed the tire and Sarah and I went bike riding.

As I stated before we have a alligator in the lake behind us here is a picture of it. I believe it is waiting for the bird eggs to hatch and then he/she will have a nice meal.


I need a stronger telephoto lens but alligator is laying between the tall grass and the branches are.

Well, that’s all for today more later.

Dreams Do Come True.

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Janie and John said...

sounds like you have been avoiding the bad weather most of the US has seen. It has calmed down out here on the west coast. We are further inland and today the sun came out! It was a blessed sight. Enjoy.