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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lazy Days in Sarasota

Sunday, Larry and Kathy left bright and early. They were hoping to get with in an hour or two of Mobile, AL. Their plan was to visit the USS Alabama in Mobile and Larry wanted to catch some of the Bears game on TV.

For us it was church, lunch at Perkins and home to watch the Bears and Packers. Mark came over to watch the games with me and Sarah went over to his place to visit with Sharon and watch movies. Mark and I watched both games, we were disappointed the Bears lost but it should be a pretty super bowl.

Today we did not do much except stay at the camper, except for two walks for Sarah and I and a bike ride for me with Mark, we stayed in the camper. I worked on the computer, trying to reload Family Tree Maker and reserving a couple of camp sites in South Dakota and Wisconsin.

I was able to get all my tasks accomplished Monday, Family Tree Maker wouldn’t load because it wanted a .net file, I found somehow the file was turned off. We have reservations for SD in May when Daniel and family are there and for the month of August in WI to be with Robert and family. Not sure yet where we will be other than those places, I figure Kansas City will be one place we will spend a week or so in June. This year we will be in the Midwest for the summer and next year the plan is to go out west and the northwest.

Yesterday I went for a bike ride with Mark, came home got a couple things done on the computer, then we decided to go to a movie. Mark and Sharon picked us up at 12:30, the movie was at the Parkway 8 theatre, Secretariat, I know the movie has been out for quite some time now but I wasn’t a top priority of mine. The movie cost a whole $2 each but if you buy anything at the concession stand it will cost a bundle, we didn’t buy anything. I didn’t know if I would enjoy the movie or not but I did enjoy it. Everyone knows how the movie ends but the details leading up to winning the triple crown make a good story. So if, by chance, you haven’t seen it yet do so, it is worth the time.

After the movie I was high jacked by an ice cream shop, I had some gelato, very good. Then we went back to Mark and Sharon’s to play hearts. If you have never played hearts, the object is to accumulate all the hearts and the queen of spades or none of them at all. It was the guys against the gals, Sarah had never played hearts before, at least that is what she said. So I dealt the first hand and wouldn’t you know Sarah ran the table to shoot the moon, meaning she took all the cards, hearts and queen of spades. When that happens the opponents get 26 points and you get none. The team reaching 100 first loses. Anyway, long story short, we lost 3 games to 2. Oh well we figure we’ll them the nest time.

There were severe thunderstorms in the area last night, it rained quite hard while we were playing cards, I kept going over and over in mind to try and remember if we failed to close any windows. When we got home we found we hadn’t forgotten any.

That’s about it for now, remember

Dreams Do Come True


Donna aka Froggi said...

Hey guys, have sent you a couple of emails but never heard back. Suspect they are in your spam folder.

We are hosting and RVer lunch in Lakeland on the 31st - 15 couples so far. If you are interested, email me back for the details (email link in my blogger profile).

Janie and John said...

Glad you are having some kick back time. That is exactly what we are looking for.