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Friday, January 14, 2011

RV Show and Good Times

This week has flown by, well actually the last few weeks have flown by and we are enjoying every minute of it.
Mark and Sharon had a guest over the weekend, Joyce Herman Brockway, I hadn’t see her since high school. We had a good visit getting reacquainted over the couple of days she spent with Mark and Sharon.
Sunday we went to the Sarasota Jungle Gardens, they have a reptile house and a few penned up alligators and a crocodile, but the most interesting species are the birds, parrots and flamingos. We listened to a talk about different parrots and cockatoos.
These birds did some tricks and were enjoyable to watch.
We then walked around the gardens. The price of $14 each to get in I thought was a bit steep because the gardens, in my opinion need some work. The big attraction are the flamingos,
For a price you can buy a bag of food to feed the flamingos with and there was a little boy who would put food in his hand and when the flamingo would try to take it out of his hand he would drop the food. It was fun to watch him. Then it was time for the daily feeding,
It was an interesting day but as I said I wasn’t that impressed but I am glad I went to see it. Here are a couple more pictures form the gardens.
It was a good day.
Wednesday Sarah and I went to the movie to see "Life as We Know it". It was pretty good, something to do on a cold day.
Thursday was the RV Show at Tampa at the State Fairgrounds. This is the biggest or one of the biggest RV shows in the country. We left about 9:30, Mark drove, and got there about 10:45. I had a couple goals for the day, I knew Howard and Linda Payne were going to be there to meet and greet RV-Dreamers, I wanted to say hi. Sarah and I met them about five years ago in Des Moines and then we saw them at their first rally in Branson, MO. My second goal was to see what was new in the fifth wheel industry and look at some motorhomes.
We got to see Linda and Howard, we had a nice visit and enjoyed talking with them. Then we got something to eat, not good, the food left a lot to be desired. Then we went into one of the buildings where vendors had booths set up, we picked up a lot of stuff. I bought a pair of shorts and Sarah bought grill of some sort for the top of the stove. Mark and I found the motorhomes, a million to two million dollars apiece, they were nice but I don't believe I would be able to afford the insurance on one.
I have to say after looking at the New Excels and other makes and models, I am very happy with what we have. This unit is everythnig we want and need. We love our unit.It was a long day but I  enjoyed every minute of it.
We closed out the day with dinner at Cracker Barrel, good food, good company and we enjoyed all of it.
Dreams Do Come True


Donna aka Froggi said...

Sorry we didn't get to chat with you at lunch...we got there a little late and got tied up. I agree that the food wasn't the best...LOL!

Hope you guys can make the lunch on the 31st, haven't heard back from my emails but know they don't always go through. :-)

Janie and John said...

Love the flamingo photos. The show sounded fun but cold from all the reports I've read. I wanted you to know our furnace problem was actually a CO detector that failed. John has ordered a new one. Glad you felt like you got the right rig. It's home isn't it.