Our Home

Our Home

Friday, November 26, 2010

Thibodaux, LA

It has been a week since I have written anything; it is time
to bring everyone up to date on our whereabouts.
I left off last, saying we were going over to Chuck and Cora’s
for dinner. I was impressed, Chuck did the cooking and did a Five Star job, he
had pork, beef, and sweet potatoes and more I can’t remember. It was very good.
Marcus, a great nephew, and Brenda and Isabella,
granddaughter, joined us and we had good conversations along with the great
meal. It was very enjoyable. Chuck and Cora redid the interior of their home in
the last couple of years and I thought they did a great job. Chuck has a record
collection that is quite extensive. About nine Chuck took us back to the
camper, there is no way I could find their home without the gps and then I might
still get lost. It was a fun evening.
Sunday, church and Wal-Mart, then home and do nothing.
Monday, we went into Mable’s shop to pick up our mail, Sarah
decided to stay and help Brenda with pricing some jewelry. Sarah also bought
some jewelry; I really shouldn’t leave her alone like that.
Tuesday was moving day; we would be spending the next week
at Bill and Mable’s house in Thibodaux, LA. I spent about 45 min to an hour
getting the outside ready to travel. Once that was done, I helped Sarah finish
getting the inside ready also. We left the RV Park about nine and headed
southeast. We arrived a bit before noon. After a bit of maneuvering I finally
was able to bet the trailer backed into the driveway without too much problem.
I should have had Sarah taking pictures. The street is wide enough for two
vehicles and Bill has a single car driveway so I think I did a good job. I did
put some tire tracks in his front yard but he says when it rains they will come
out, I hope so. We only have 15 amps service so no A/C, other than a bit muggy,
it is tolerable. ( You can double click on the location map, click on the yellow guy above the map controls and drag it to the third house in the block. You can then see the house and driveway were we are currently located. I'll get some pictures once it stops raining.) Here is a picture of the driveway and the front yard, I made some dents in the grass.

I wanted to miss the pole, which I did, only took about 15 minutes to get it back there.
Wednesday Bill and I kept busy doing things to get ready for
Thursday. Marcus came down and we went grocery shopping so he could cook gumbo
for dinner. He spent all afternoon cooking and the gumbo was awesome.
For lunch, Tuesday and Wednesday, we had PoBoy sandwiches. We
have these in Iowa but they are Poor Boy sandwiches and they are not as good.
Both days I got the overstuffed oyster sandwich, truly awesome.
Thanksgiving Day Bill and Mable had 20+ guests at their
house for dinner, turkey, ham, sweet potatoes, rice, dressing, mashed potatoes,
scalloped corn, pie, it was a feast fit for royalty. Everyone did a fantastic
job of putting the meal together; I helped by staying out of the way.
There is a cold front coming through today, Friday, and
right now, the temperature is 54 with a high today of 60 and low tonight of 32.
I thought I was getting out of the cold weather by coming south.
Tomorrow we are going to a wedding in New Orleans it should
be a fun time and then we will stay until Tuesday when we head back to
We have decided to fly to Robert’s for his graduation and getting
his MBA degree. I have said I wouldn’t fly anymore but since we are traveling
in December and it is a 2-3 day trip to get to Wisconsin one way I bought plane
tickets and we will fly into Milwaukee and rent a car, we are going Dec 16th
and coming back on the 20th. We would like to stay longer but the
kids are in school and Robert and Sarah work so we will plan on a longer stay
next summer.
That’s all for now remember – Dreams Do Come True.

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