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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Branson, MO

After a restful night in Iola, KS we headed for Branson, MO. The drive today was very pleasant, we followed the GPS and it did admirably, the directions were perfect. We stopped once for a break at Walmart, Sarah needed some ear plugs, she doesn't like the noise of the truck. Sarah had made some turkey sandwiches and we at them as we went down the highway. Today we had a mixture of two and four lane highways, all were very good roads.

We arrived at Branson Stage Coach RV park about 1:30 and were set up in about 45 minutes. Sarah noticed the fuel cap missing on one of the fuel tanks. I didn't put it back on after fueling the truck in Newton, KS. I called the Ford dealer but the parts department was closed, so we went to everyone's favorite store, WalMart. They actually had the cap so I bought two. I am not going to believe I won't forget to put the cap back in the future.

Tomorrow I am going to relax, eat breakfast, watch CBS Sunday Morning, go get the Sunday paper, get some groceries and then football.

Have a great weekend - Dreams Do Come True.


Janie and John said...

Ken, what GPS do you have? We are shopping for a new one, just wondering. Email me. Thanks.

darrius said...

Garmin is the best: Costco.com on sale now $180 for Garmin Nuvi 1390. Good Luck, Darrius Baker

Ken and Sarah said...

Janie, I have the nuvi 465t, it gives you auto or trucker's mode. I entered the statistics for the truck and camper and the gps is suppose to route me over accessible roads only. In fact it would not route me to the campground we are in, I used the auto route because I knew we could get it having been here before.
We are having fun, leaving for LA tomorrow. Stay safe.

Janie and John said...

Thanks Ken will have to look at that one.