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Wednesday, November 17, 2010


We are still in Branson, MO at the Branson Stage Coach RV
Park. This is a nice park but the road into it is a narrow and twisty road with
no shoulder to it, but it is doable if you take your time. 

Carl and Merilee arrived Sunday afternoon and checked into
their unit at Wyndham resort, there was a mix up in reservations and they did
not get the unit they wanted. They are going to meet with the manager sometime
this week to straighten it out. They came over to the campground and we went
out sightseeing, we found a “see the lights drive through” place and we drove
through it.

The highlight of Sunday for everyone but me, I thought it
was funny also, was having dinner at McFarlan’s restaurant. It seems they have
a table there that is bolted to the floor and the tabletop rises very slowly
while you are eating. When we arrived there, I went to the restroom and Carl
and Sarah sat down in a booth but then requested the table, Carl’s idea, so
everyone knew about it but me. We ordered and while I was, eating and I
noticed, half way through the meal that my plate was getting closer to my
mouth. Now this wasn’t a bad deal because I tend to miss my mouth and get food
on my shirt, I looked at my chair to see if I had a low sitting chair, I didn’t
remember it being too low when I first sat down. I said something to the others
and Sarah began laughing so hard I did not think she would be able to stop,
everyone in the restaurant knew what was going on but me. Carl said there was a
young boy who kept looking at us trying not to be conspicuous, I did not see
him, but it would not have matter because I thought there was something wrong
with my chair. Everyone had a good laugh, including me, over this. We are now
members of the McFarlan’s Rising Table Society, it was fun.

Monday we went to see the movie “Red”, I did enjoy it, but I
want to rent it again because I have a tendency not to hear some things the
actors say. We met Merilee’s nephew Harold and his wife Katy for dinner at the
Macaroni Grill. I had the king salmon, it had some type of rice with spinach
and cabbage in it, the meal was delicious. We had a good time visiting with the
young folks.

Tuesday was a day of running around; we took a drive in the
country. Carl wanted to take us to Kimberling, MO for breakfast, after driving
through some beautiful hills and seeing some nice areas we finally got to
Kimberling and stopped at a little diner. The server was very friendly, I do
not remember her name, I ordered biscuits and gravy, it was four whole biscuits
covered in sausage gravy with a lot of pepper in the gravy. This was the best
biscuits and gravy I have had in quite a few years, we left there and continued
our touristy travels. We ate lunch at Dana’s; they specialized in sandwiches of
pulled pork. Instead of a sandwich Sarah and I split an order of nachos, they
were great. After that, we went back to Carl and Merilee’s so she and Sarah
could go to a beading activity at the resort. When they go t back, we went out
to an outlet mall and looked around. It was time for dinner so we went to
Luigi’s pizza the home of the St Louis style thin crust pizza. We order two
mediums, one with everything on it the other one of their specialties, tomato,
cheese, and sausage, they were both very good.

Carl took us back to the camper so we could get the camper
ready for our travels today, Wednesday.

We had an uneventful trip from Branson to Texarkana, AR, the
roads were very good, I kept the camper at cruising at the speed limit or 60
maximum on the interstate. We did have one little episode, coming into Clinton,
AR we saw the northbound traffic backed up for about three miles. We drove a
bit further and as we came over the crest of a hill, I could see traffic backed
up in our lane for a couple miles. It was stop and go for the two miles so we
used this opportunity to eat the sandwiches Sarah had made. When we finally got
to the checkpoint I asked the officer, what was going on and he said they had
an escaped murderer out loose; he wanted to know if stopped in town, I said we
had not. He told us the man was dressed in a white t-shirt and gray pants and
to call 911 if we saw him.

We arrived at the Four States RV Park in Texarkana; this
park is at the Texarkana fairgrounds we have full hookups all for $18 per
night. We did not unhook and only hooked up electric and water.

Sarah’s nephew Fred and his wife Lisa came out to see us
after looking at the camper they took us to the Texas Roadhouse restaurant for
dinner and bought us dinner. We enjoyed their company and had a very good
dinner, thank you Fred and Lisa.

We will take off for Louisiana in the morning; we should
arrive by mid afternoon.

This has been a great trip – Dreams Do Come True.

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Donna aka Froggi said...

I loved the movie RED, by 10 minutes in I knew I was getting it on DVD. LOL!!