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Our Home

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Loving this Lifestyle

Here it is Saturday already, some days I do not know where the time goes. Sarah is shopping with Brenda, niece, and her granddaughter Isabella. I volunteered to stay home, I had some things I wanted to do and I wanted to watch the Iowa game, I have to watch it on non-HD but I get to watch it. Go Hawks.

We arrived here at Frog City RV Park in Duson, LA on Thursday afternoon about 2:30. We are in site 6 of 54 sites, there is no “it” factor here, as Howard & Linda Payne of www.RV-Dreams.com like to classify campgrounds, but it has a level sites and FHU with free cable and internet, so we are here until the end of the year.

I stated in the previous post when we were coming through Clinton, AR we were stopped at a police roadblock, they were looking for an escaped murderer. We told Fred & Lisa about the incident when we had dinner with them Wednesday night, on Friday Fred called and said the police captured the man two blocks from where they live in Texarkana. The escapee stole a truck and made it that far.

Thursday night Sarah’s brother Bill and his wife Mable came out to the campground we had not seen them since the middle of September. They took us to Fezzo’s seafood and steakhouse for dinner where Chuck and his wife Cora met us. The food was excellent and the company was great. Bill took us back to the camper where we opened a couple bottles of wine and had a piece of pecan pie.

Friday was laundry day, we went into met Bill, and Mable at Mable’s business, she sells prophesies to women who have had mastectomies. We had brought five bags of Sterzings potato chips for everyone here. Mable also asked us to take the camper to Thibodaux, their home, so we would have a place to stay over Thanksgiving, there will be 22 people there so I agreed to it so I would have my own bed plus we can help with whatever needs to be done.

We went to Wal Mart on the way home, it was a busy place, we did not get much but Sarah was looking for material to make a blanket for Isabella. I bought a 30-15 amp adapter so I can plug into the house in Thibodaux.

Friday night we went over to the casino at the truck stop next door to the campground. When we checked in, we were given a card for a $6 credit to play the slots. Therefore, we went over and unbeknownst smoking is allowed here. By the time we had lost all of the credit we had, I began to develop a headache and our clothes smelled of smoke, so we went home and washed them right away.

Tonight we are spending time with Chuck and Cora, Chuck is cooking, it should be a great time.

We are loving this lifestyle – Dreams Do Come True.


Janie and John said...

John wants one of those clocks that tells us what day of the week it is, sometimes we can't remember and have to check our cell phones (lol). Glad you are enjoying yourself. Happy Thanksgiving!

Carol and Johnny said...

Johnny's working 7 days (or more accurately nights) a week right now -- we definitely need one of those clocks with the days of the week!

BTW, very familiar with your current campground. Never stayed there, but passed by frequently in the days before Johnny decided Austin was a better place to call home than Baton Rouge. Not sure how you stayed in the casino that long. I got nauseous stopping for a potty break!