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Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Restful Weekend

This past week went by quicker than I could imagine. It wasn’t anything at work that made it do so I guess I am just enjoying the lifestyle we now have. We are still getting the choreography of living in a tight space down, but it is coming along nicely.

Work was just work, it actually is the same thing every day with very little if any variation. We had a town hall meeting with the CEO of our company. Marsh Consumer USA is part of the Marsh & McLennan Company or MMC for short; they are the world’s largest insurance broker. Anyway the meeting was about the company’s last quarter, not too bad, and what the future looks like, pretty good. The CEO is a very upbeat individual who exhibits enthusiasm for the employees and company. I believe will be leaving the company in good hands.

Wednesday night we met friends Orren & Norma at the Texas Roadhouse for dinner. After all the bread and peanuts I couldn’t eat all my pork chops, it became a second meal this week. Sarah didn’t eat all of her meal either so we both made two meals out of the dinner. We had a good time and enjoyed ourselves. We got home about 7:30 or so, watched a bit of TV and then to bed.
Friday night we went to Barns & Noble and I bought myself a Nook, so now we both have them. I have already loaded it up with free books. Sarah finished the book she was reading so I loaded it on my Nook and I will read it also. Evidently you can have up to six Nooks attached to one account and you are then able to share whatever books you buy.

Yesterday, Saturday, I spent the afternoon in the basement. I pulled everything out and did some rearranging and I was able to get rid of four of my five boxes of books. I put the ones I want to keep in a clear plastic container so I could see what I have. I did have a few overflow books but I plan on reading them this summer. Sarah and I sat outside and read for a while until it became to chilly to do so. She tried out one of the recliners we bought. I didn’t get mine out because I didn’t know if I would like it or not, but after sitting in Sarah’s for a bit, I believe I will keep it.

Today we went to church and then to Hy-Vee, a local grocery chain, to shop and have breakfast. They have a breakfast buffet, $6.99 each, we both had it and it was good, but I believe in the future I will opt for off the menu; I tend to eat too much on a buffet. We got our shopping done, we were able to use $3.55 in coupons so it saved us about 7 percent on the bill, not a lot but every little bit helps.

We came home and put the groceries away, I read the paper and Sarah vacuumed, it probably takes as much time to get the vacuum out as it does to do the job itself. We have a central vac system and it does a decent job. I did some dusting and then finished reading the paper and did some other reading.

I am in the process of reading about eight small books I have about my home town of Burlington, IA. They were written by Dan Bied who worked at the local newspaper, The Hawkeye, I remember seeing him there, I worked at The Hawkeye in the summer beginning in my senior year of high school. They are very good and I am learning things I never knew about the town. It’s funny I had to wait 40 plus years to learn this stuff.

I bought a couple of the Bob Hope, Bing Crosby and Dorothy Lamour movies to watch and then take down to Centerville to give the facility mom lives in. I watched The Road to Utopia tonight, it is interesting to watch these old black and white movies, they are still entertaining even without all the technical wizardry they do now a days. I hope the folks in Centerville will enjoy them.

I have dental appointment tomorrow at seven so it means getting up a half hour earlier than usual. I will drop Sarah off an hour earlier than she needs to be at work, but she is going to take her breakfast with her, she is a trooper.

So that does if for now remember - - Dreams Do Come True.

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