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Saturday, May 8, 2010

What Happened To Spring?

Here it is Saturday already, where did the week go? The work week went by quite fast; we had a few tours, a few terminations, not in my group but among the VPs, and not much else. I don’t like seeing anyone getting laid off and since there was really no good explanation for the layoffs I would think they were for the monetary value and not much else, but who knows. The couple of them I knew personally I hate to see leave, but there is nothing I can do about that. Otherwise nothing much going on at work.
Last Sunday we went to the Iowa Cubs game, the first one of the year for us, I really enjoyed it. The weather was great until the 5th inning and then the clouds began to move in so we moved up under the skybox seats. These seats coast more but if you wait until after the 3rd inning or so most everyone has shown up for the game and we go sit in the empty seats. Once in a while we get kicked out by someone showing up with a ticket for one or all of the seats we are in. What’s the matter with the people they should be there for the beginning of the game, not half way through it? So in the 8th inning it looked like it was going to rain so we got up and left. I had to go to the restroom and I left Sarah and when I came out she was gone. I figured she left without me but instead she went to the restroom also but by that time it had begun to rain and rain hard. We didn’t want to go out in the rain; I didn’t want to get wet sugar melts you know. Our friends the Cairo’s were at the game and we saw them waiting for the rain to quit also so we visited with them for a while. The rain let up enough to head home.

Home, the camper is now HOME. I told Sarah we have to call it home not a camper because it is NOW our HOME. We have it almost done, we have some things for Robert but we’ll get those to him in a couple of weeks and then the clutter is gone, alleluia.

The rest of the week was interesting. We had nothing to do in the evening, we got home at 5:30, we were able to walk around the campground, and we didn’t have to scan pictures or move out of an apartment. It was great. Of course I had to watch my NCIS, which is on almost every night for an hour or two. We went to Costco Wednesday evening and I bought two Bob Hope road movies, we watched one of them last night, it was in black and white but it was good, hokey but good.

Today we exercised the truck today by going to Wal-Mart, I needed to find a couple of bulbs that burned out in the camper, they are twelve volt and we ended up going to a parts store to find the bulbs. I got the burned out ones replaced with the good ones and to my amazement they worked. I am what my brother Jerry would say mechanically impaired. I never have been interested in doing to many repairs in the home etc., but I will do more now. I do draw the line on the major things, I won’t compromise Sarah’s safety that is me screwing something up and causing more problems than I had to begin with.

The black water and the grey water tanks showed full, I just emptied them last night, but I was having trouble hearing the water flow so I thought the tanks were empty but they weren’t. Tonight I went out and emptied them again plus I hooked up a hose to rinse out the black water tank and now both tanks show empty. Sometimes it is the small things in life that makes us the happiest, hah.

Another project I have been putting off is getting the pictures onto other hard drives to give to the kids. Today I put everything onto one computer to do some weeding of duplicates before I copy them to the other hard drives. We have something like 50k plus pictures, I know at least half are dupes, so I want to get rid of the dupes if I can, or at least most of them. I enjoy looking at the old ones; some of them are really fun to look at. We didn’t have a lot growing up but we did have fun.

I talked to our friends Mark and Sharon, they are workamping at a B&B outside of Rapid City, and they had a bunch of snow this past week and a lot of wind. We didn’t get the snow but we got the wind. The wind hit 50 mph gusts; the camper handled it quite well.

Tonight it isn’t supposed to be windy but it is going to be cold, there are frost warnings out for the area. What happened to Spring?

Dreams Do Come True.

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