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Our Home

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Hidden Valley RV Resort, Milton, WI

I was a bit panicky when I found out we couldn’t stay at the West Omaha KOA because they were full until Labor Day. As luck would have it though, good friends Dave & Sheri were able to get us into Crossroads RV Park in Mt. Pleasant, IA, thank you Dave & Sheri. We arrived at Crossroads on the 16th got settled and visited with Dave & Sheri for a while. Happy Hour began at six when Dave closed the office. We had a few drinks and then I was getting a might bit hungry, Dave & Sheri had plans, so Sarah and I went to the Press Box in Mt Pleasant. I like to try a hamburger in the different places we eat and this was one of the best I have ever had. It consisted of a 1/3 lb. burger, nacho cheese, mushrooms and bacon, it was fabulous.

Wednesday, 17th,  We drove down to Elvaston, Il to visit Sarah's aunt Helen, we had a very nice visit with her. She still lives in her own home but does have help come in each day to cook, clean, etc.

On our way home we stopped at two cemeteries, where Sarah’s folks are buried and the one where her sister Alice and husband Frank are buried. We had flowers for each grave and Sarah made them look nice. We always put flowers on the graves even though I am positive we could go back and the flowers will be gone, people go out and steal these artificial flowers to make other decorations  with them, they don’t want to spend the money buy their own. Oh well if a person is that desperate I am happy to help them.

Thursday, we drove to Peoria IL to see Sarah’s brother Bob and his wife Judi. Bob called us and said he was going to the hospital to get a pint of blood; he needs this ever so often. We told him not to worry we would go by the house and get Judi, we did. He was in Proctor Hospital in Peoria. So no one misses out we did eat lunch there in the snack bar and it was very good. We had a great visit with Bob & Judi; we even got to see their garden which was bigger than anything I would want to tend to.

On our way home we called my brother Larry to see if they were home they were and we did. We had a nice visit but again I was hungry, I get hungry at least once a day. So Larry, Kathy, Sarah and I headed off to Applebee’s. (This is Burlington, IA there are not a lot of home spun eateries in town)

Friday was a trip to North Liberty, IA to visit Carl & Merilee. Carl had eye surgery a couple weeks ago for something in the eye that was detached and they had to drain the fluid from the eyeball and put in a balloon to hold everything in place until it all heals. Talked with him today and all is healing well.

Saturday was a trip to Burlington to visit my aunt’s Millie & Marcella, but first it we visited two cemeteries, the first is where my daughter Shayla is buried and the second was for my folks and sister and grandmother are buried, again we put flowers on the graves and they looked nice when we were done. Then I went looking for my mom’s dad’s grave, I didn’t find it but I found my dad’s mom’s grave and her parents grave sites. Then it was off to visit my aunts. We told them we would get lunch, they are both in their 80’s and don’t go out anymore than necessary. They had a coupon for Happy Joe’s Pizza so that is what we had for lunch. We had a great visit with them. We then went over to Larry & Kathy’s visited more and Kathy fixed dinner, it was very good.

Sunday we went to church in Mt Pleasant and spent the rest of the day at the camper. For dinner Sarah made a crock pot of green beans, ham, onion and little red potatoes, one of my favorite dishes. We went to the clubhouse and Dave & Sheri and some friends of theirs, Waverly & Delores joined us. We had a great time visiting and enjoying some good food with homemade ice cream, thanks Dave for slaving over the ice cream maker.

Monday, Larry & Kathy came out to the park; Dave said he heard of a good restaurant in Lockridge, IA, Four Corners Restaurant. So we took off to find this place, they are open for lunch only except for Fri & Sat nights. Well let me tell you the food is great. If you go away hungry it is your own fault.

Tuesday, Sarah and I went into Burlington to visit Joe Fleming, long time friend and HS classmate. Other than a few ailments Joe is the same as he has always been, ornery and a great sense of humor. Actually I got to see two classmates that day as Joe married Patty forty some years ago, congratulations, I don’t remember the exact number of years but Patty bless you. The time went by to fast we will see you next summer. Tuesday night Dave grilled steaks for Ron & Vi, friends from Burlington. Dave you are a master griller. I have never had a steak cooked as well as you cooked them. We had a great time visiting and having a few drinks; I didn’t drink much because we're leaving the next morning.

Wednesday we were rolling down the road about 8:30 am, other that I80 being busier than I have ever remember it being we had an uneventful trip and pulled into Hidden Valley RV Resort in Milton, WI about two that afternoon. We were able to watch Mason, grandson, play baseball last night, played in two games and finished a lightening delayed game. He was asked to play for a team one step above his level, he catches for them. I was very proud of the job he did for his age he is playing very well and does a great job in the catching position. We get to watch Madyson, granddaughter, play tonight.

Another classmate and long time friend Mark Steingraber had a heart attack last Saturday. His wife, Beth, took him straight to the hospital when he began complaining of severe pain radiating across his chest and down his arms. Some call it luck I prefer Divine Intervention, our guardian angel putting in overtime, when Mark and Beth got to the emergency room a cardiologist was on call and diagnosed the problem immediately and Mark was taken into surgery to have the problem taken care of immediately. As if that wasn’t enough they found a brain aneurism. He was sent to University Hospitals in Iowa City and they were able to fix the problem. I talked to him this morning and he is doing well. Again a beautiful angel, Beth, looks after him. We are here for the next five weeks or so, we will leave for Omaha on Labor Day.

Until then, Dreams Do Come True  

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