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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

On the Move

We left Gretna yesterday and traveled 281miles east to Crossroads RV Park, Mt Pleasant, IA. We were orphans until Dave & Sheri said there was space at their park; they are the camp hosts and long time friends. The KOA is full the rest of the summer and so we needed to find a place to stay until we can get into the park we are going to in WI on the 24th.

Crossroads is a very nice park, great for overnights or longer term if you are exploring SE Iowa. The free WIFI is the best we have seen in a long time.

We had a great time in Omaha, it was good to be with the kids, they are growing so fast. In a week we will get to see Mason & Madyson and in Oct we will see Alexa, life is good.

Sarah is doing better each day, her hair is growing and she is giving me suggestions each day, she isn’t telling me what to do she suggests it. I love seeing her getting better each day. She has doctor visits the first of Oct so we find out then if all the cancer is gone.

The townhouse has finally been started or at least the cement work. They have poured the footings and hopefully will start framing this week or next. Either way we aren’t moving into it this year, if fact the closing may have to take place without us being present.

Monday was my last day driving for Enterprise until Sept. I enjoyed the work; it really wasn’t much work it was more a time consuming hobby. Driving is not work to me I enjoy it too much but it was nice to have the little bit of income it produced. It is always nice to get paid for doing something you enjoy. Since leaving Ruan I haven’t really enjoyed anything I did that much. I miss the people more than the jobs. It is difficult to find something you have a passion for doing and be paid for it as well; I never found that, I suppose my jobs at Ruan come as close to filling that passion as any. Although I did enjoy driving OTR buses.

Oh well, I am old now and I guess my new found passion is making sure I wake up each morning and I don’t believe we have a whole lot of control over that.

That’s it for now. Remember Dreams Do Come True

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