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Monday, July 1, 2013

West Omaha KOA, Gretna, NE


Have you missed me? I have been remiss in my posting so I better get caught up.

Most important is Sarah is doing GREAT. She is beginning to tell me to bug off, so I know she is feeling better.

We have met with our friends Cindi & John Cline, we worked with them in Mesa a couple of years ago, had lunch at Tanner’s Bar & Grille, it was a nice place and the food was good.

Got myself signed into the VA in Omaha, I need to get a physical before we head south and so I can get my prescriptions set for the next year. I was amazed at the size of the place, it will take a bit of wandering and asking questions to find my way around the place.

Merilee stopped by to see Rusty, their son he is an OR nurse at the Univ of Omaha Medical Center. We had dinner with them at Mimi’s restaurant.

We went to Wisconsin to see Robert, Sarah Ann, Mason & Madyson. We left here on June 21, Sarah had an appointment with the radiologist in Des Moines and we met Cynthia for lunch before heading on. Our purpose for the trip was to watch Madyson in a dance recital. I must admit I was apprehensive about sitting there for two or more hours but it was fun watching everyone and especially Madyson, she is very good. The other purpose for the trip was to watch Mason play baseball. He has really improved since last year, he played second base and the outfield this time and did well at both positions.

He is switching over to the catcher position, his dad played that position, so when we go back later this month I will get to see him catch. I am looking forward to that.

We stopped for the night at Carl & Merilee’s, waited up until Carl got home from work at midnight or there abouts. The next morning we all went for breakfast and then we headed west.

Sarah’s big day was Sunday, her birthday. We celebrated with Daniel, his birthday is Jul 2. He and I went to Costco and bought some ribs he wanted to try out his new smoker, the ribs were great. We had a house full, Marie, and the kids, Emily, Isabel and Eli, also Ernie & Shirley, my aunt & uncle, Eddie & Elia, Marie’s parents and Rusty. Marie thank you for letting us all invade your house.

Today I cleaned the car and exercised the truck. Now I am going to read for a while.

One more thing, as most of you know I drive for Enterprise car rental, shuttleing cars to dealers and branch offices etc. One day last week we were returning from Des Moines and stopped at the rest area, IA mile marker 20 and I saw this sign

photoNow does anyone believe a sign was necessary, well maybe for some people. We stopped there again and a new urinal was installed, but come on…really a sign?

Dreams Do Come True

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