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Friday, May 3, 2013

Is it Winter or Spring??

Ok, what happened to Spring? We have thirty-degree temperatures in the middle of the day and about 4 inches of wet, heavy snow on the ground. This is my truck, photo I looked at the weather forecasts and the temperatures will begin rising tonight so at seven am it will be forty. What happened to global warming?

As stated before we are moved back into the camper, we did find a spoon we accidently brought from the apartment so Sarah dropped it off after one of her radiation treatments. The manager was glad to see Sarah but was a bit surprised we just wanted to drop off a spoon.

Everything has worked in the camper except the leak in the toilet and the water heater isn’t heating as hot as it should. I suppose I could try to fix but I am not as flexible as I use to be so I am going to get hold of a mobile repair guy and have him fix the problems. We are very pleased and thankful we have no other problems with the camper. We have been nice and warm and comfortable here, I did refill the propane tanks, one when we got here and one today, so we have used one tank of propane to stay warm so far.

Last Friday I stopped at Verizon to see about an alternative Wi-Fi program for us, the Wi-Fi at the campground is not good so I am looking for alternatives to the contract type. I have a MBR95 router and USB stick for Verizon but I don’t want to sign up for two years to use it. They weren’t much help in that I can’t use the equipment have, I have to go with something new and of course you have to buy it. So I am still looking.

We met Laurie Robinette and Marci Mallot; I worked with them at Marsh, for lunch. It was great to see them, we had a great lunch.

Saturday, my brother Larry and his wife Kathy were in town to watch their granddaughter, Megan, play volleyball. Carl & Merilee brought their camper over for the weekend so the four of us went to see the volleyball game. It was fun watching, this was a group of fifteen year old girls who had played two games already by the time we saw them, they looked very tired and got beat but it was still fun to see them. Megan’s parents, Andy & Christine, were there so we got to see them also.

Later in the day we went to Cynthia’s where her and Sarah’s brother Bill & wife Mable had just arrived and were going to be in town for the weekend. We went to the Machine Shed for dinner and had a great time. Sarah and I split the stuffed pork chop, this turned out to be the best thing to do because it was the size of two, maybe three, chops anywhere else.

Sunday noon, we met Mark & Sharon Brueck at Culver’s in Ankeny; they were on their way back to South Dakota where they will be working this summer at Sheridan Lakes campground. It is always good to see them.

We had a packed weekend but a great one.

I drove Mon, Tues & Weds, made four trips to Omaha and a couple of local shuttles, about twenty-four hours, it doesn’t pay much but it is fun.

We have a quiet weekend ahead, we were going to the Berkshire-Hathaway stockholders meeting in Omaha and see the kids as well, but Daniel & Marie are going to Lincoln to be in some sort of race so we wouldn’t be able to spend any time with them. We decided to wait; we will be moving the camper to the West Omaha KOA come June 1 anyway, so we’ll wait to see them then.

That’s all I have for now, oh if you are one of the brilliant people playing Candy Crush on Facebook, send me a note; I need lives, lots of lives, thanks.

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gypsyelves said...

Have you looked into Millenicom.com? No contracts. And more GB than Verizon. Ask which plan is using Verizon and which is Sprint though. Good Luck!

Ken and Sarah Hoenig said...

Thank you, right now we are using our phone as a hotspot, but I will look into Millenicom.