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Thursday, May 30, 2013


Sarah is all DONE with her cancer treatments. It began September 25 last year and finally she finished yesterday, May 29. She is cancer free. It has been a long journey but it was made less stressful by all the wonderful friends we have and their thoughts and prayers for Sarah. A BIG THANK YOU.

I will bring this blog up to date with all those we have seen and been with; if I forget someone, I apologize now.

Sarah had radiation each day, the procedure only took a half hour but with the drive etc., it was an hour. I worked two to three days a week so on the days I worked, she took me to work and then was able to go to Cynthia’s to visit and have breakfast. She would leave about nine to go to her radiation, so she and Cynthia were able to spend time together.

Tuesday, 21st, Sarah had lunch with Linda, Viola and Norma all worked or are working at Holmes Murphy where Sarah worked.

Wednesday, the 22nd, we had dinner with Russ & Candi at one of our favorite restaurants, Smoky D’s, http://www.smokeydsbbq.com/. This is a great place to eat when you are in Des Moines.

Friday we went over to Norma and Orren’s to visit. Orren is still recovering from surgery and coming along good according to his doctor. We went out for dinner at Jethro’s BBQ, the food wasn’t too bad but I still like Smokey D’s better.

Saturday of Memorial Day weekend we headed east, with Cynthia in tow, to Carl & Merilee’s house to visit for the day, Amy, Clancy and the kids were in town for a visit. It was good to see all of them.

Sunday we met Steve, Lynne, and kids for dinner at Chips in Ankeny. The food is good; we had their Hawaiian pizza, not bad.

Monday we went to Ames and had lunch with Tiffany & Matt and kids. It was a fun time and the food was good. Alexa is making bracelets with her dad and Bryon, how cool is that.

Tuesday, 28th, Sarah took me to work and went to breakfast with Cynthia at Perkins Restaurant.

Wednesday, 29th, I worked and Sarah had her LAST radiation treatment. She picked me up at work and we went to her appt with her surgeon and all was well, he said she is healing up nicely from the surgery. She also scheduled appts for October before we head south. Then it was time to celebrate her finishing the cancer treatments so we went to Outback Steakhouse and ate too much, but it was fun.

Today we are doing laundry then tonight we are meeting Mike & Sheri for dinner at the Chicken Coop. Mike gave me a bunch of books to read, I finished half the bunch and am returning all but two, will have to get those to him later.

Tomorrow we are heading east to Newton with John & Kathy and Loretta; she was here in the park when we first got here three years ago. Loretta’s husband Larry passed away last year and she now lives west of here, I don’t remember the town, but it will good to see her. Anyway we are going to Newton to have lunch with Dick & Judi who are camp hosting at the KOA in Newton. It will be good to see them.

Saturday, June 1, we hook up and head for Gretna, NE to the KOA we always stay at when we are in the Omaha area.

As far as I know, they still have not started the townhouse yet which isn’t a big issue because we do have a place to live. I do hope they finish it before we head south in October.

That about wraps it up for now, remember,

Dreams Do Come True

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Suzanne and Brad said...

That is absolutely fabulous that Sarah is done & you two can hit the road again! We hope to see you in our travels - be safe and we wish you both great happiness.