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Our Home

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


The second of three events has now taken place: event one Sarah finishes her chemo, event two we have moved back into the camper, one more to go and we will be off again. Well, actually many people say I am off anyway but that is beside the point.

We pulled the camper out of storage last Saturday and hooked it up, except for the sewer hose, I could not find the elbow that goes into the ground and attaches to the hose, and I looked everywhere and could not find it. I went to four different dealers here in the area to find one and finally found one. So we got all hooked up and we have only one minor problem a very small leak in the bathroom. I don’t know if I will be able to fix it but may try or get someone to do it for me, we’ll have to see how that goes.

It is really nice to be able to sit here in our home and look out the windows at the other campers and the pastures for the cows and horses. We are here until June 1 and then we are off to Omaha area to stay at the KOA until the house is ready. We are going to Mesa this winter, if all goes well, and still travel as much as we can.

The GOOD news is Sarah is progressing nicely, the radiation doesn’t seem to bother her much, they tell her about the third week she will begin feeling tired but it shouldn’t keep her down like the chemo did.

It got down to 29 degrees last night, I let the water dribble a bit to keep the water line coming into the camper from freezing, you folks know what I mean. Tonight it isn’t suppose to go below 32 so no need to dribble again.

The apartment was a Godsend for us and I probably wouldn’t have thought of it if our friends Norma & Orren hadn’t told us about it. I thought it was still assisted living but Orren knew it had been converted to regular apartments; it worked out great for us. It goes to show if you have Faith and good friends, you can accomplish anything.

I took the week off from driving to accomplish all of this and go to my dental appointment tomorrow. The dentist office called to remind me of my appointment, I said I would be there but I would not have bells on, I don’t like going to the dentist. I hope I can find a good dentist in Omaha, one that will give me gas when cleaning my teeth; I cannot have my teeth cleaned without it. I know I am a BIG baby but that is the way it is.

Nothing else going on in our exciting lives, I am beat from all this moving. I have the backseat of the truck loaded with stuff that came from the camper but there is no place to put it now, either the camper shrunk or we accumulated more stuff. Oh well, that’s life I guess.


Dreams Do Come True

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