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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Nine to Go

Sarah is down to nine radiation treatments left. She is tolerating the treatments well, the only side effect so far is the reddening of the skin, the radiation burns the skin, and the itching causes some discomfort but she hasn’t had any other problems.

She had a PET scan before she began the treatments and there was a shadow on the liver, so they repeated the scan yesterday and all is well, it was just a shadow. Thank the Lord for that.

Friday night we went to Prairie Meadows, the local Casino/Racetrack, with Mike & Sheri Cord, to bet on the ponies. There were nine races in all and we didn’t lose all of the money we took but we didn’t come out a head either. My luck isn’t any better at the track than it is in playing the lottery. In one race there were seven horses and the horse I bet on came in eighth, no luck at all.

Saturday we had lunch with Matt, Tiffany, Bryon and Alexa. It was good to see them, all are well and Bryon and Alexa are doing well in school. We had a good visit with them and will most likely see them again in Sept or Oct.

Sunday we didn’t go anywhere or do anything. Kathy & John stopped by the camper today to visit. They brought us a couple pieces of Chocolate Mousse Cake from Costco, it is delicious, the calories will probably kill you but the cake was great.

Yesterday and today I worked and may work tomorrow, if not then, on Thursday.

Sarah is going in to a cancer support group meeting tonight; I am staying home and watching my NCIS shows.

I am cutting this short because I don’t know how long it will take to load with the slow wifi we have here in the park.

Until Later, Dreams Do Come True.

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