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Thursday, June 12, 2014


This has been quite a week for Sarah and I. I will preface this to say I go to the VA for my medical needs. I know the VA is under a lot of scrutiny right now but I am very happy with the level of service I am receiving at the Omaha VA, that said I will tell you about my week.

Monday I went in for a prostate biopsy, now I figured it would not be a big deal. Let me preface to say my prostate problem was such that I had a catheter in me for a week at this point. Have you ever had to have a catheter? The only thing worse than have one put in is having one taken out. Also, having one 24/7 is a great budget helper, you don't feel like going anywhere and why would you with a bag of liquid strapped to your leg. Anyway, the doctor wanted the catheter removed before he started the procedure, this was the beginning of pain, I equate the removal of the catheter as trying to drive a truck through an opening made for a Volkswagen. So the nurse accomplished the removal and this was just the beginning. The doctor comes in and gets me to lie on my side and he begins. The prostate is accessed through the rectum and lower intestine so first the doctor says you are going to feel something cold, it is his fingers or maybe it was his elbow, I should have told him to stop then but I didn't want to be a wimp. Next, he says he is going to insert a probe, he forgot to tell me it was a 2x4, he didn't get very far and I was in the worse pain I have ever felt. I asked how much longer and he said a while, no more I could not take the pain, he told no problem the procedure can be done in surgery where they will put me to sleep, I said yes. The procedure is now set for June 25 and I won't feel anything. People have asked why they don't give you something or automatically put you to sleep as they do for a colonoscopy, my answer is I don't know. My advice if you have to have this procedure have them put you out.

Yesterday was a tough day. As you may recall I had a lump on my neck and about a week ago, I had a biopsy done, well yesterday we got the results. I don't have lymphoma as was suspected, I have a cancer called neuro endocrine cancer. I have never heard of it but it starts somewhere in the body. The treatment process depends on where in the body the cancer starts so the tissue samples from the biopsy have been sent out to experts in this particular cancer and they will tell the oncologist what form of treatment to use. Since this is a cancer, I never heard of before I am anxious to learn more about it as time goes on. Please keep the positive thoughts and prayers coming, I can use all of them.

College World Series begins this Friday; I hope to go to one of the games with Daniel, our youngest, I have always wanted to do that.

We get the rest of our furniture this Saturday, minus the couch it will be July before we get it, so I can finally have a dresser for my clothes.

The camper is for sale if you know of anyone looking for a good used camper, I will make them a good deal.

That is it for now.

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