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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Guymon, OK

We are on our way back to the frozen north. We left AZ last Monday and are taking our time to get to Des Moines.

A recap of our AZ stay. On the way to Mesa, we went to Kansas City and saw Vince, Lindsay and Sophie, we also saw Steve, Lynne, Zack, Allison and Nick, then we headed for the Excel service center to get a couple things looked at and to have them check the caulking on the roof, I don’t do that. On the way the truck decided it wanted two new injectors, which necessitated a stop in Salina, KS. While the truck was being fixed we went to the Eisenhower Library/Museum. Sarah fell there and broke her glasses, we scrambled to get her a temporary pair to get us to AZ. After we were in AZ for a month or so Sarah fell over a cart and hurt her knee, workers comp claim. Then I had a pain in my abdomen the VA diagnosed as a hernia, I was off work two weeks until another doctor said no hernia. I went back to work for a couple more weeks and then a trellis fell on my right hand injuring my middle finger, workers comp, off a week or so until I told the physical therapist I wanted to go back to work. Cynthia came down and stayed with us for a few days and my brother Larry and wife, Kathy, did the same last week and then they took the car and are driving it home for us. Needless to say we had an adventurous time.

Now for a bit more detail.

Went we to visit arcosanti site by Mayer, AZ, http://arcosanti.org/. It was a project envisioned by Paolo Soleri an Italian architect. It was an interesting visit, the website will give a lot more detail. I don’t believe it will get any bigger than it already is.

Larry & Kathy came to town and we drove up to Tortilla Flats, AZ, http://tortillaflataz.com/, it is nothing but a tourist trap but the drive to it is very nice.

We also drove to the top of South Mountain, which is behind Colleen & Darrius’ house. We could see their house with binoculars so we called them and Colleen couldn’t see us. We could see quite a distance from the top of the mountain and the drive up had some nice viewing sites, http://ncparks.gov/Visit/parks/somo/main.php.

Larry & Kathy left with the car last Sunday, Sarah & I weren’t going to leave until Tuesday but we got the camper ready on Sunday and we left Monday.

We have had a tail wind since we left Deming, NM and we are getting great mileage, 9.9 mpg yesterday and 11 mpg today. We’ll see what happens the rest of the trip.

We will spend tomorrow night in Salina, KS and arrive at Griff’s in Altoona on Friday. I know it is suppose to be cold but it will start getting warmer. I haven’t missed the wind but it is nice to see grass again.

Later – Dreams Do Come True

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