Our Home

Our Home

Friday, April 11, 2014

Griff’s RV Park, Altoona, IA

We have been here a week and have been able to see many of the folks we wanted to see. We had dinner with Cynthia and we are going to see her again today. Last night we met Mike and Sheri for pizza, Mike may show me how to pick out shoes for resale, although I don’t believe I have the eye he has for it.

We met Laurie and Marci for lunch on Monday and enjoyed every minute of our time together, two of my favorite people when I was at Marsh.

Tuesday we met Tiffany, Matt and Alexa for lunch. Alexa had a doctor’s appt and is 5’2” and I don’t remember the rest, just that she is almost as tall as Sarah.

Wednesday Sarah began her two days of appts with the doctors to find out how she is combating any cancer cells which may have escaped the chemo and radiation. Well the chemo and radiation must have taken care of the cells because as of now she received good reports for the doctors, labs and mammogram were all negative for cancer signs.

We will be heading west on Monday and will be staying at the KOA in Gretna until we can unload the camper and move into the house.

Until then, Dreams Do Come True

PS: As usual I didn't have Sarah proof read my blog. I forgot to mention two couple we have seen this week. Norma & Orren, I forgot to mention we had an enjoyable dinner with them last Monday. Another couple is Carl & Merilee, we saw them last Saturday on our way back from Burlington. I am trying to talk Carl in going south with us this winter, not doing a very good job so far. Also, I want to thank Larry & Kathy for their hospitality and for driving the car back from AZ. When we were in Burlington we got to visit with my aunts, Millie & Marcella, always good to see them. Also, I can't forget, even though I did, Mark & Sharon, we were able to visit with them for just a little while but we will be back in Burlington this summer and spend more time with them. Mark and I lived next door to each other when we were growing up so he is more like family than just a good friend. So I apologize for missing these folks in my blog and for anyone else I have missed. I guess my mind isn't what it use to be or maybe it is and I am still in too big of a hurry to finish projects.

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