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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Two More to Go

Two more to go and Sarah will be done with the chemo part of her treatment. We will find out next week when she begins her radiation treatments. I cannot say enough about the folks at the Stoddard Cancer Center at Methodist hospital here in Des Moines, we are so glad we stayed to have Sarah take the treatments here. These folks are wonderful, considerate and bend over backwards to make the patient feel comfortable.

We haven’t been doing too much, it has been cold. I am told yesterday a year ago, it was in the eighties here and yesterday the temperature didn’t get above thirty and it was eleven above this morning. I apologized for not being AZ so it would have been warmer here.

Speaking of AZ we are going to be in Mesa next winter, the Good Lord willing and the creek don’t rise, we have been graciously accepted back into the fold of the D├ęcor Team. We are looking forward to it and we are looking forward to seeing everyone again.

I have been working very hard at Enterprise Car Rental moving cars here and there. To show you have difficult this job is, yesterday we had to take three new, no miles on them, Kia Sorrento from the office to the airport, twenty miles, then the three of us got into another car and rode all the way to Davenport, IA, a hundred fifty or so miles. I finished a book I was reading on the way over, it was pure torture to sit there and ride all that way. When we got to Davenport I got in a 2013 Ford Explorer, two miles on it, and took it to the airport in Des Moines, then we all hopped into the car and rode to the office. I am telling you it is just plain hard work. Actually, I love it, I like to drive and sometimes I get to just ride and read. It doesn’t pay much but it almost buys the groceries.

Last night we met Norma & Orren for dinner at a Mexican restaurant here in town. We had a good time and the food was good.

I am on the slots on Facebook so if any of you are also playing them, send me coins or spins. Also, I need lives on the addictive Candy Crush game, I am stuck on 38 but I’ll get off it eventually, most of it is luck but some strategy is involved also.

I am reading a book by Lee Childs, seems like it will be a good one. Just finished one by the same author that had an ending I didn’t see coming. Mike Cord gave me ten or so books to read; most of them are Clive Cussler but a couple also from Lee Childs and Vince Flynn. I had never heard of Vince Flynn until a couple of years ago I was standing in line at Wal-Mart in Branson, MO, I was looking at some paperback books and a lady behind me asked if I had ever read any of Vince Flynn’s books, I said no and she told me I should. I found one in the library here at the apartment building, read it and enjoyed it so I will read more of his writings.

NCAA wrestling tournament begins today here in Des Moines. The media is saying 25,000 people will descend on this town over the next couple days and dump many millions of dollars on the local economy. I never liked wrestling, I think because I never understood it and I really didn’t want to spend all day at a meet. Our oldest son Robert tried it one year in high school, it didn’t last very long, I hope it wasn’t because I wasn’t as gung ho about it as I was other sports. I do know this it is a HUGE sport here in Iowa and it was in Wisconsin.

That is all for now, not much happening.

Till Later – Dreams Do Come True

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