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Monday, March 11, 2013

FOUR More To Go

Confession time, I had good intentions of writing before now but I have become addicted to the slot games on Facebook. My brother and I send coins back and forth to each other; sometimes I include others if I know they are playing these stupid games also. We talked this morning and he asked me not to send him any coins for awhile because he get booted out of his current game. It is fun, time consuming, mindless game but I enjoy it while listening to music. However, it has wormed its way into my reading time; I have to get back to the reading. I also have another game I play, frustrating as it is, Candy Crush or something like that. I have reached an area where the only way to clear it is by dumb luck, so we’ll see if I can be dumb enough for it. It seems to me the only purpose for these games is not for the enjoyment of the players but to try to entice you to buy more lives, levels or coins. As I have said before anyone who pays for the coins or lives, is nuts, I haven’t reached the level of having to pay to continue playing, we’ll see what happens then. Of course, I have bought games before and I guess this is the new way of buying games.

Sarah is down to FOUR more chemo treatments and then no more chemo, she is thrilled about that as am I, I don’t like to see her have to go through the after effects of the treatments. She has tolerated this whole affair much better than I would have been able to do.

We have decided to get the camper out of storage on April 20 and begin moving our stuff back to it. We don’t have to vacate the apartment until the last day of April but I want to take my time moving and be able to test everything in the camper before moving back in. It will be nice to get back in the camper, this apartment is ok and has been a Godsend but I want my home back.

I am currently reading a couple of books one is an old one by Andy Rooney, he was on “CBS 60 Minutes”, on Sunday night, it is called “Pieces of My Mind”, it is a collection of his columns and writings he would give on TV. They are old enough to bring back memories of when I was young. One of them was about the media, of which he was a part, in their reporting of a story. He said the reporter’s obligation is to report what is factual; the reporter’s obligation is to investigate the story to make sure what they are being told is in fact the truth. The reporter should not just take as fact what the subject tells them but to research and tell the truth and keep bias out of the story. What I found interesting about the piece is even though it was written twenty odd years ago, it applies to everything today. My greatest fear is the younger generation is not learning history and will not learn from it.

The other day there was a piece on the radio about the New York school system, 80% of the students graduating and going to junior college are illiterate, 80% of them. What I am wondering is, http://www.caliteracy.org/rates/, this piece gives some troubling data. It seems to me all the government wants to do is throw money at the problem instead of finding the cause of the problem. I know many people think they know the cause but really don’t. I believe the powers to be need to ask the front line troops, the teachers, what they consider the cause. I don’t mean the teachers who are the union reps or the administrators I mean the ones doing the actual teaching. Then instead of taking the money to pay admin salaries put the money where it is most needed at the classroom level. I don’t have an answer for the cause of illiteracy but I would bet it could be identified, if it hasn’t already been, and corrected.

I love reading, I go nowhere without a book. It used to be more difficult but with the advent of eBooks, I always have one available on my IPhone. I have both the Nook and Kindle apps on the phone so my choice of books is endless. If you have kids or grandkids buy them a book and get the interested in reading. Just to be clear I don’t own any stock in a book company.

We are almost to spring; I am looking forward to no more snow. It is suppose to snow more today, I guess we received a couple inches of snow last night but it seems to be melting faster, good sign.

We were invited to Candi & Russ’ for dinner yesterday, it was great. Candi made a strawberry, rhubarb, apple pie, I loved it. We had a great visit and we thank them. Candi is a cancer survivor, twice, and doing well.

We need to go to the store today, I hate grocery shopping now, not that I liked it before, but the cost of food has risen dramatically in that past few months. I have trouble finding enough food to buy on a hundred dollar budget. I guess I will have to give up my ice cream and M&M’s.

I guess I will call it quits for now, it is time to eat.

Till later – Dreams Do Come True

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