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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Nine to go

Carl & Merilee were over last Saturday and the three of us went to the RV Show at the Iowa State Fairgrounds. Sarah stayed home she didn’t want to get out with the crowds, I’m glad she didn’t go it was not much of a show from my perspective. I suppose I wasn’t that enthused with it because it was mostly weekender campers, with a few high end units thrown in for good measure.

McKee Auto & RV had some expensive motor homes there, I think the most expensive was about $250k but none of them had any character to them. There wasn’t any of them I would want even if I could afford one. I was looking for Mobile Suite fifth wheels, Bob & Joe’s RV from Guthrie Center use to sell them, so I went looking. I found Bob & Joe’s area and I found an Excel, same brand we have, and I found Brian Triplett of Petersen Industries, but I didn’t find a Mobile Suite. Brian told me, Bob & Joe no longer handle the brand anymore. It was nicer sitting in the fifth wheel than one of the motor homes, so I may have to rethink my thought about moving to a motor home. I have to give this more thought.

After the show we came back, picked up Sarah, and went to watch the bald eagles, they are by one of the dams in downtown Des Moines. We headed over to the sixth street bridge, you can actually park on the bridge, so we did and Merilee got some great pictures of the eagles. I have been told at one time there were up to a hundred eagles in the area because of the open water, it makes it a good feeding place for them.

Afterward we went out to the Machine Shed to have supper and since we wanted to wait a bit for desert, we bought an apple pie and picked up ice cream to bring home for later. Cynthia came over and we had pie and ice cream

Yesterday, Sunday, Sarah and I went to the grocery store, what a sticker shock. I am trying to eat healthier and so we were judicious in our purchases, no ice cream or soda for me. I have to be very concise of what I eat for my diet, it seems I’m not losing weight as fast as I would like.

Sarah and I have a device called Fit Bit One; it tracks steps, flights of stairs, calories and miles, and sleep patterns. They are great except for today. I drove for Enterprise today; we took a car to North Liberty and then went to Cedar Rapids to pick up a truck. It was a 26 ft box truck, diesel with an air ride seat. Now for those of you who have never driven or ridden with an air ride seat, you are constantly going up and down because of the road and suspension of the truck. So when I get home I look at my Fit Bit and it shows I have gone over 13,000 steps, climbed 239 flights of stairs, traveled over 4 miles on foot and burned over 2200 calories. It sure made my stats look good in the program, but alas, I know how it happened so I made a notation of my activity in the program. I guess I will leave the device home the next time I drive. Boy 2200 calories burned I could eat without worrying what I ate, no better not.

Our friend Orren came home from the hospital the other day, we haven’t seen him except for a couple minutes via internet, and he looked pretty good then.

Wow, I have worked two days this week, I don’t know what is the matter with me, it is dragging me down. Actually I love it, where else can I get paid, although it isn’t much, to either drive a car somewhere or ride half way and drive the rest of the way. I drove a new Camaro yesterday, nice car, handles well and lots of get up and go, but you felt every bump in the road. Don’t get me started on how difficult it was getting out of the car, I thought I would have to get a crane to help me, but I managed.

We went out to eat with Mike & Sheri Cord last night to the Chicken Coop, I had never heard of the place before but it was good food and we always enjoy their company. Mike gets books from his brother in law and lets me read them so I have several books to read again.

I don’t know about any of you but as I get older I look in the obituaries to see if my name is in there, so far it hasn’t been but I find most of the folks listed are not much older than me and with getting a year older I wonder how much time is left. Not to worry I am not getting morbid but I do wonder about it sometimes. I figure if the old adage is true, “Only the good die young”, then I will be here for quite some time yet.

I think we have received all of our tax forms now but I am in no hurry because I am sure we don’t get a refund and if we have to pay anything, I am not in any hurry to do that either. As I told the guys at work the other day, my goal is to outlive my money and that should be in about a year and a half.

Tomorrow Sarah has another treatment, then we are down to eight left, we are getting there. She will then go through some radiation and we will be able to get our life back on track. I love trains so this is like our train is sitting on the siding waiting for the long slow freight to pass us.

Till Later, Dreams Do Come True

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Janie and John said...

Glad Sarah is getting to the end of her treatments. I got a chance to look at some Mobile Suits this fall. While there floor plans are great and there are some things I like better than our Excel, I was disappointed in the quality of other things like the cabinetry. One 5th wheel I'd really like to see is a New Horizons. They are pricey but I've heard the quality is outstanding. Not sure we could afford one but would still like to check it out.