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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Nice Day in Des Moines

Well I am driving for Enterprise, drove three days last week and so far only one this week, I doubt I will drive again this week because I told them I wanted Thursdays off to go to chemo with Sarah. I don’t make a lot of money doing this but I don’t care about that, I want just want to have something to do a couple days a week so Sarah doesn’t get tired of having me under foot all the time.

Sarah is feeling great so she is ready for her next series of treatments beginning tomorrow. One of the nurses asked if she was going to having them each week for two hours or every two weeks for four hours. She is going to visit with the doctor about this. I leave those decisions up to her because she knows how she feels and what she wants. Therefore, we will see what it will be tomorrow. The last treatment she had of the two drugs, Sarah did not have the side effects she experienced after the other three treatments, and hopefully she will have fewer side effects with the next round of treatments. She is a trouper and continues with the positive attitude.

I took a couple of boxes we had here in the apartment, they have books and movies in them, down to the truck. I figured I could store them in the back seat of the truck and give us a skosh, (Brad, see there is such a work) more room.

The weather hasn’t been all that bad, we have had some cold days and some snow, 15 inches of snow, but all most of it is gone except the piled snow. I am in my optimistic mode now, it is the middle of January and so the temperatures will begin to warm up in February, which isn’t that far away, and then we have March where the temperatures get a bit warmer and before we know it we will be into May and warm temps. So I sit here at the window and dream of moving back into the camper, May 1 if not sooner and enjoying the warmer weather.

I have read several books since we have been here but I still have a few more I want to read it’s just doing it, I do procrastinate and I have to stop doing that. Oh well, I will get to them when I get to them.
Our phone contract is up and so I have to decide what to do. We have Verizon because of the coverage area and I do have a credit for a new phone so we will most likely stay with them but they tell me I have to go to the share program if I upgrade my phone, I am not sure that is something I want to do. So I have a bit of research to do, at least I will be busy and out of Sarah’s hair, so to speak.

That is all for now so, Dreams Do Come True

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