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Our Home

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Mesa Regal RV Resort, Mesa, AZ

Where does the time go? I last blogged on Nov 14th and thought I would do a blog once a week at the least, well that hasn’t happened. I guess I get into a routine and forget everything I want to do.  Oh well I will do my best to include everything we have done and who we have seen.

The Saturday after Thanksgiving we had a surprise visit from Roy Ertz. Roy is a cousin on my mother’s side of the family, the Ertz’s. Roy has been living in this area for over twenty years, I believe, any way he and a friend, I can’t remember his name, stopped by to say hi. We had a good visit, I didn’t get Roy’s picture, I have to do that the next time I see him. Mike Tiemyer, I don’t think I spelled his last name correctly, lives in the Phoenix area also and I am hoping we get to see him and his wife sometime in after the holidays. I believe there are one or two others but I don’t remember who.

We went to my sister Colleen’s home for Thanksgiving and it was great. The meal was great and the company was superb. We had a great time and enjoyed visiting with everyone. Angela, Phoenix, and Brian, Portland, OR, were there. Angela’s girls, I know I am going to mess up the spelling but, Delaney, Kendall and Kylie, these girls, no young ladies are an absolute delight to visit with. Darrius’ sister Debra was there as was Angela and husband Tyler. Brian and April were there with there two children, Ethan and Emilia, I apologize if I spelled Emilia incorrectly. Ethan is a smart young man, he was trying to show me how to play a game on the DS I didn’t get it. Emilia is a charmer and a cutie. The last time we saw Brian and April was at their wedding so we had never seen the kids in person, just pictures. I loved it, it was a lot of fun being with them.

2011-11-24_16-43-05_322From left to right beginning way in the back; Debra, Colleen, the twins Kylie & Kendall, I don’t know who is who, Delaney, Brian, Emilia, April and Ethan. Tyler was sleeping on the couch and I didn’t think he wanted that picture here. I have some others I’ll put in also but I have to show the master carver at work;2011-11-24_16-42-27_43

Here are better pictures Darrius had taken earlier in the day:

strattons 1The whole Baker clan.

strattons 3Colleen & Darrius

strattons 7Brian, April, Emilia & Ethan

strattons 16Angela & Tyler and Delaney, Kendall & Kylie

strattons 20Kendall, Delaney & Kylie

Young ladies don’t get mad if I didn’t get you names associated correctly with the picture, just figure I am old and can’t remember anything.

We went back to Colleen’s the Saturday following Thanksgiving and enjoyed the weekend with her, Darrius and Debbie. It was fun and we ate my favorites left over turkey, Colleen made a turkey ala king over biscuits and again I ate to much.

The rest of our time has been goofing around on Monday & Tuesday and working the rest of the week in the afternoon, noon until four. It is a great job I don’t have to be telling people what to do, I work with Steve most days, this past week Dick has been working with us and we are either picking up or delivering items to the various resorts or we are gutting a trailer to be used as storage for the numerous props etc. the décor team is responsible for. So the work is not hard but we have a great team and super bosses so it makes it fun to be here.

Sarah went with Teresa, Steve’s wife, to the Mesa Art Festival, I don’t have much interest so I am staying home to finish the blog and laundry. So I will say so long for now and try not to wait so long to blog.

Dreams Do Come True

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